Join My ‘Stories That Coach’ Blog Community

At last! I am now able to take my coaching thoughts and experiences across to many more people, many more cultures and many more countries. For many years I have been a columnist for the Malaysian media, New Straits Times. Until this ‘blog thing’ became a new and powerful reality in communication technology, I had only been able to ‘talk down’ to mostly Malaysians, giving my one-sided views on how I would overcome their life and work challenges that they asked me to.

Although I was much fulfilled for being able to touch lives in this way, it was grossly inadequate. I wanted to do more but I could not. The circle was rigidly limited; the communication was a dry monologue that was restricted to my views alone. I was sure that they were many out there who wanted to give their many cents’ worth as well but couldn’t.

I am so elated now that this constraint has been lifted; it is now a piece of my own history. With my blog, I am now able to take Coaching to many more levels. I visualize myself as an ‘idea stirrer’ (a better word is ‘facilitator’) to stimulate a world community of like-minded helping professionals of coaches, consultants, trainers, therapists, including ordinary people who are driven by a passion to help themselves and others grow in their lives.

Join me to create a new world of living and meaning made possible through coaches and coaching. Join me ‘grow a vibrant coaching community’, that’s my life mission on this planet. It can be yours too.