The Day My Book “Dialogue with the Coach” Was Launched

This post coincided with one of the greatest moments of my coaching profession and personal life achievement, for, yesterday, I launched my first book, entitled “Dialogue with the Coach” (ISBN 9789675222153), which is published by an eminent publishing company, MPH Publishing.  This book is a compilation of 100 real-life coaching cases compiled over my many years as a coaching professional. 


What sets this book apart from other conventional coaching books is the use of Powerful Questions to sharpen readers’ minds, and make mental shifts to see new possibilities and break out of self-limiting beliefs.  And, cleverly drawn illustrations and caricatures added clarity and humor to some coaching principles and concepts!

Why do I want to write a book?  After all, I have been contributing a unique Question & Answer column in a national newspaper for many years.  And I am also a Platinum Author for the Business Coaching section of the website, besides being a prolific writer for many other e-newsletters and media both locally and internationally.
It’s simple, really.  What I really want out of the authoring of a coaching book is to scale up my contributions as a practicing coach by raising my readers’ self-awareness, and helping more people not only to resolve their issues but also to make them ‘coaches’ in their own lives.
The launch of this first book is but the beginning of something that is intentionally positioned as a “coach-in-a-book” to help every coach and leader scale new heights through an expanded worldview and courage to tap on their potentials as well as others.
It is my wish and hope that you avail yourself of a copy of the book (at a very reasonable price of RM24.90) to kickstart your venture into the exciting world of coaching!