So we all have successfully made entry into another new year – 2010. So let me congratulate you and greet you with a Happy & Fulfilling New Year.
I am sure you have heard this remark from many of your friends, and that includes yourself saying: ‘It is so fast, one year is gone’. Yes, this speed of events passing by us will continue to go unabated for this year and for the years to come.
I will be 58 years old, 11 days past today. Time has really gone by so fast for me. I still remember vividly the chain of events on the last day of school 42 years ago in 1969 when I finished my last paper in the MCE examination, left the hall in jubilation (for the freedom), sadness (for having to say good bye to my friends) and anxiety (as another unknown chapter of my life was about to begin).
So when I look at my completed last year to begin completing a new one, this mixed feeling like the one when I left school comes back to me. Of course, it takes a different meaning, dimension and scope. One thing for sure it is not about me alone. I have a crowd of people with me that I bring along this uncharted new year- ranging from my loving wife, my 2 boys, my partners, and a growing coach community.

I am committing to fulfilling a broad-based responsibility for this year covering a wide segment of constituents anchored on a singular mission to bring joy and to add a positive difference to their lives.

To my wife, Angeline, it is to grow in our love for each other. To my children, it is molding and shaping them to embrace values that will make them to be better people in their lives. To my partners, it is attaining career enrichment and rewards for being together in the journey to carry out the mission of our 2 companies- Corporate Coach Academy and Corporate Coach. And to the coach community, it is supporting them to grow as true blue coaches both inside and outside the classroom.

Oops! I nearly forgot another one – my latest new love, my dog Vision. With her, there’s an addition in my family where we are still learning to love and care for a 4 legged animal.

Indeed, I take it upon myself to carry out these multi-roles with enthusiasm and determination to make it happen. I will take stock of this at the year-end and share with you how I have been doing.

So what about you? In your own self-reflection, what do you need to take stock on with renewed commitment to those living human beings who mean dearly to your life?

As 2009 Winds Down…

2009 has been an amazing year!

One of the best things that had happened is my entry into blogosphere, something I have always wanted but never got it up and running! It is a great avenue for me to share stories that have coaching elements and principles to benefit blog readers and coach aspirants. I hope you have been enjoying my coaching journeys through this blog.

My promise is that next year, my blog will get even better!
Another achievement that I am particularly proud of is the attainment of the ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) status for the coach-learning programs from Corporate Coach Academy (CCA), ( conferred by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s most respected coaching body. This is the first and only one in Malaysia, and among the few in Asia. Graduates from our ICF-ACTP programs have been trained and certified to be global coaches with high level of coaching competency and experiential exposure.

The pinnacle of my feelings of satisfaction and exuberance in spite of the challenging economic climate is the rate at which coaching is propagating in Malaysia, Asia and beyond. Organizations, business owners and even individuals are beginning to recognize the value and benefits of quality coaching from certified coaches like ours. Indeed, I predict that coaching as an intervention tool will growth in exponential leaps in the coming year. Let’s watch the trends together!

This year also saw us launching our Teleclasses for our international students. We are proud to have coach students from far-away Slovakia and Beijing, as well as from the other states of Malaysia. This new way of course delivery using the Internet and Skype for free PC-to-PC calls breaks the Pandora Box of face to face workshop with its borderless, limitless access for international students to be certified by CCA. Indeed, with increased traffic volume visiting our websites, we have had enquiries from prospective coach-students from as far as UK, US, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Japan, India, just to name a few.

It has been a truly satisfying year! There were many other first-ever, new and innovative initiatives which I will share in my future blogs. Do keep on reading my blogs and share them with your friends and family.

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones, colleagues and friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.