Although I want to devote this blogpost to my birthday, I find it difficult to write about it. Why so? Because I came from an era where birthdays (at least mine) have always been a non-eventful occasion. If there was something to shout about then, it was a red egg that I would get from my mum. Even on red egg matters, I could count the number of them that I had received over the last 58 years of my life! By the way, I am 58 yrs old on 11th January ‘10.
So why am I writing about my birthday? Tough question. Not that I have nothing to write; in fact, so many things happened on that day that I could fill (and bore) you with pages of this very memorable event!
Let me try to explain the reason. You know, I always maintain and have been saying this in many of my coaching classes that ‘everyone of us has self-esteem issues’. There are always moments in our lives where we feel self defeated with words like ‘I can’t do it’, ‘it is not possible’, ‘it is really tough’, and so forth. These are the indicators that self-esteem (or negative self talks) issues are lurking inside us. And another way of knowing this is when we brush off compliments that people give us, either on the clothes we wear, a piece of word that we did well or whatever. 

So am I a party to self-esteem issues? Yes, definitely. And how do I know? It is because for a long time I did not think that my birthday was such a big deal. So writing about it was tough because people would say ‘who cares’? 

So why am I doing it? Because it is a big deal to me now. I had a great birthday because at least 100 people wished me in all sorts of forms, ranging from wishes from face book (all over the world), emails, text messages to personal ones from former and current employees, family members to even my dog, Vision, who has a tag throughout that day that says ‘ My best dad, happy birthday!’ And not to mention, the decorations in my house (that I took a while to realize due to the misconceived outlook of ‘who will ever do that’), the triple meals, the presents (including a Mont Blanc pen from my former employees and a GPS from my loving family members), and so forth. I was a super star on that day!!! People remember. People want to do something for me! Wow!!! 

The point I am making is our perception of ourselves is often not, what other people hold of us. We are our biggest enemy, that invisible enemy from within. My birthday was a personal perception that took a long time to correct. In fact, this birthday was not the only one that people did things for me; it has been going on for at least the last 30 years of my life. It suddenly dawned on me that I had to break this negative spell and stop living in the past. Thanks to you, guys! 

On this note, I like to thank everyone who always remembers my birthday over the years and without fail too. To my loving wife, loving children, close relatives and friends, former boss, grateful ex-employees, present ones and those who care to text me a birthday message, sent me e-cards from face book, plaxo, etc. and the list goes on, you all have helped me learn something of myself (break the spell rather), that’s your best present for me, forever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!