Five months of absence and now I am back! In one piece too. Is this long absence going to happen again? I really hope not anymore. This seems a less likely thing to happen as I have engaged a ‘blog coach’, Rachel Sim. She promises to be on my back, keeping tab on my blogging performance besides the many other things she is commissioned to do in supporting me to be a successful blogger, something which I have always wanted to be.


So what actually happened? Since my last blog post, so many things have buried me under, literally. The largest of the heap is my increasing coaching work. I began to slowly lose my life balance quite a bit; taking a toll in almost every aspect of my life including my blog!

I must apologize to those who have been following my blog. You must be feeling disappointed, wondering why I have left it lying there, gathering dust. But honestly, I have had my thoughts on it, short of writing anything worth reading, feeling guilty that I could not get it off the ground. Indeed, the will was there, but not the discipline. I’m sorry, dear readers.

I fully empathize and sympathize with those out there who are caught in a similar whirlpool, with many parts of their life spiralling downwards. But do not be dismayed, for as long you put your thoughts on what you have to do, truly feel guilty about it, you will be like me, determined to rise to the occasion again.

In moving forward, I do not wish to talk about the past too much. No point regretting or sulking over it, right? That’s what we coaches do and coach others to do as well! So now it is ‘revival’ time and I am committing myself to making things happen in the blogosphere with regular postings of at least one story once every 3 weeks.

You know, I chose this day’ Father’s Day’ to make my reappearance and commitment. So it is really a significant event for a coach and father like me to honor my words. Oh yes, and now with a blog coach at my back, there is less danger of me slipping back. Hold me to this, Coach Rachel!

Lots of things have happened in the last few months, and I am dying to share the story, tell my tale. Give me a short breather, and I promise to be back, real soon.

Meanwhile, to all fathers, good and bad, here’s wishing you ‘Happy Father’s Day. This is a day of reminding us that we need to play a more responsible role to our loved ones, wives included.

Let me get back to you within 3 weeks’ from now.