A Tribute to MUM

My Mum – the Greatest!

Most people draw their inspiration from personalities whom they can identify with their values, philosophies and styles. Naughty boys like me, where during my younger days, chose ‘Hercules’ as their heroes, while young obedient girls I knew would love to own and cuddle a Barbie doll as it embodied beauty and grace.

However, my idol of Hercules left my life as quickly as he came into it. When I was much older, I have others to inspire me. Among them are our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir, for his guts and courage, former US President, Bill Clinton for his tact & diplomacy, and my dear ex-boss Datin Irene Gan for her quick mind, strategies and innovativeness.

But my mum was not on my list then! It fact I only became aware of her influence and inspiration on me when I became a coach 7 years ago. In my work, I guide students and clients to acquire mental strength through finding their true role models. So that was then that I too went searching for my role model and ‘found’ my mum. Conclusively, she has been my biggest source of inspiration.

Mum exerts such great impact on my entire life. If I can call myself successful and fulfilled, it is my mum, who has been the main contributing factor. Mum taught me many invaluable lessons. She taught me about setting an early life foundation to weather any storm in my life. She also taught me selfless family love through personal sacrifices. In addition, she taught me about living a healthy life no matter how old a person may be. Finally, she taught me the life model of simplicity and pragmatism to enhance personal capabilities for faster results.

The wonderful thing is all these were taught to me not through words of wisdom for she neither has the education nor the eloquence to do it. Hers was through her hands-on daily actions which I quietly watched throughout my journey into adulthood. I watched how she singlehandedly undertook the huge responsibility of building and growing a family unit for the 7 of us.

I learned about the need for a strong life purpose when I realize that many people can’t hold to their goals, while Mum had the iron will to toil and slog as a school canteen operator who began her work at 4.30am till late into the day, without any thought of giving up on us.

I learned about selfless love for the family when I come to know how family breakups happen due to selfish parents who are more interested in pursuing their own things, but Mum was living, working and saving every single penny just for us.

I learned about her lessons on health when I see youngsters (who are a fraction of her age) resigned to a docile life of the ‘I am too old’ syndrome, while Mum in her 70’s was still representing Malaysia, winning medals in top level competitive sports. And at the overripe age of 85, Mum still keeps fit with her daily rounds of tai chi and choosing to drive a manual car to the market every day!

And finally, I realized how capabilities and effectiveness were built around the principles of simplicity and practicality where Mum could take on 7 children and a 12-hour manual work when some young parents can’t even cope with 2 kids and their cozy professional careers.

I want to say this to her: “Mum, I want you to know that you are my greatest. I am to share your time-tested life success philosophy and formula with as many people as I can. My blog in the cyber world is one place where I can pay this tribute to you. I want to tell the world how great a mum you are to all of us. I want to salute you as my greatest idol and mum. May God continue to give you more living years with us. I love you always. You will always be my greatest!