GOOD BYE, 2010!

Relaxing Time in Melbourne

As the curtains come down for 2010, I like to wish all my readers: Have a Great Year Ahead!  I too hope that this year has been good for all of us with plenty of achievements and learning lessons that make it a cherishable one.

As for me, this one has been good, and I thank God for it. A lot has been achieved including been true to my promise that I would keep the blog going consistently. See you next year.

Going off to Melbourne to spend Xmas there.
With my family in Melbourne

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family & friends.



One of the most inspiring moments of being the CEO of a coach-learning institution is to witness your students eventually graduating as Professional Certified Coaches.

It is a great milestone in their lives as it requires both sacrifices and investment of efforts, time and money. They earn this unique and rare qualification by staying true to their commitment and determination to take on the challenges. They succeed because there is an overarching purpose in their lives where supporting people to grow means everything and they get great satisfaction and joy from it.

As for me, it is a personal fulfillment to see my own vision of “growing a vibrant coaching community in Asia” taking shape, as more and more people from all walks of lives and industry sectors are embarking on Coaching to accelerate the transformation of individuals and organizations.

Recently, at our 5th Graduation Ceremony, I witnessed once again 30 graduates taking the stage to receive their “stripes” as qualified professional coaches. Every year I am part of this proud ceremony, sharing the joy with the graduates and their loved ones. However, deep inside me I asked myself when will be the day when I can see some graduates from the tourism industry sharing the stage with the others from other industry sectors. As you might surmise from previous blogs, my two great loves are tourism and coaching.

Except for a lone hotelier who graduated from the CPC program 3 years ago, this wish of mine has yet to be fulfilled. And you may ask, “What has coaching to do with an industry like tourism?” Plenty, if you understand the volatile and tough environment that this industry has to bear with. At the strike of any crisis, financial or non financial, it will have immense impact on its growth across the globe. It is an industry that thrives on very low margins and the products are somewhat homogenous that inevitably lead to fierce cut throat competition. It is also an industry that can be lesser attractive because of the long and odd hours, where “you work when people are enjoying themselves”!

Tough and competitive environment is the place where Coaching strives best. That is why no other method can replace Coaching in sports to shape up sports people to be peak performers to win the game of nerves, speed, focus and accuracy. And indeed it is so for tourism organizations as its people need to be holistically developed as well, in body, mind and soul. Only then can they stay consistently at their best to deal with the demands of their jobs.

Simply speaking, Coaching is the game for winners. Coaching stretches the mind and pushes the body to break performance barriers. Those people who have coaches have both the will and the skill to go for their goals. When an organization equips their managers with a coach mindset and skills, they become powerful leaders who gain the personal powers to communicate, persuade and inspire. Not only this, they are consistently positive and forward looking, making them living role models to their people in all situations.

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