Happy Birthday to you!

One more year has just passed as I turn 59 or 60 if I count it the Chinese way on a special 11.1.11. I chose to spend an entire evening with a bunch of people who have been and will always be dear to me – the tour managers and ex HR team from Reliance. It was walking down with them through a very memorable lane, talking about the time we had together. Some tearful ones and some painful ones but most importantly, we have a good laugh at the things we did together. Like what Jo Kan said, “With Michael, it was a ‘love-hate’ relationship; while we hated many of the things he wanted us to do, it was also because of them, we are what we are today”!

With my wife

This is an extract of what I spoke about:

There are many things in our lives that we remember and cherish. One of them is my time with Reliance, but more specially and dearly, is the time of my life with you all, the tour managers and my HR people.

My family
We grew up together through the good and tough times together. We worked through them and came out very successfully. I remember how tour managers had to sell tours to get their tours, how they had to justify and defend their declaration of their optional incomes, keeping to a code of discipline in office and while on tour, acquiring and sharing knowledge in monthly dialogues and yearly conferences, and stretching their creativity in our annual dinners to make them the best anyone could ever dream to have. 

My family and I wish to thank you for coming, from near and afar, including those who can’t make it. It is not only your presence here tonight that I appreciate, but for all those years, at least for 25 years, you always remember to send your greetings, even gifts and meals on my special day.

You all look well, happy, healthy and highly prosperous too! May God continue to bless us all for the rest of our lives.”

You came, and made my birthday extra special!

Front row:  Lawrence Tan, Simon Teh, Fong Mun Toh, Dax Seow, Colin Choo, Denis Chan, Joseph Chong, Greggory Chew
Middle Row (Standing): Richard Hong, Damien Mok, Janice Soo, Alex Goh, Eliza Cheah, Josephine Ong, Heah Kian Jin, Michael Heah, Angeline Heah, Angelin Loo, Doreen Wong, Chua Swee Choo, David Chan, Edwin Yong.
Last Row: Jessica Hor, June Yee, Jasmine Leow, Choy Kim Lan, Josephine Kan.


With my son, Jeremy

Just like you, I have just left behind a wonderful year, with another one just beginning. I remember making lots of resolutions in the beginning of 2010, and I’m glad most of them have been fulfilled. Wow! My resolutions actually became true! One of the most remarkable one for me is this: Keeping my blog alive! I’m patting my back and telling myself : ‘ Mike, you have done a pretty good job’!

I can proudly call myself a blogger now as I’ve been quite consistent in getting out my coaching stories every month. You know, the real reason this has been possible is because of You! I want to thank you all for it. You have been following me. This has been the best booster for me to carry on and on. With more and more followers now, I am simply elated and encouraged that my ‘Stories that Coach’ has a place in your heart. My blog is the platform where I can express myself in any way I want and not be tied to any editorial constraints and requirements. This is really freedom!

I am really benefitting and enjoying every moment of being a blogger. Somehow, because I want to commit to doing 2 blog stories a month, I make an attempt of making certain events in my life happen as I want it. This is really great as I get to know, and in a way plan for the ‘unknown’ to happen. I truly feel I have so much more control over my life as a result of this!

So 2011 is another year for me to experience, reflect, express and share my life experiences as I go through each phase and season. It is another year of living out my passion and of giving acknowledgement and showing my gratitude to the people and organizations in my life that mean so much to me.

With my dependable Angels

I am excited about this new year. Many great things will happen as I want it to be. And it will be! I see Coaching becoming an even greater force in the lives of people. More will embrace it. And many more will be touched by its powers in transforming their lives to be even more fulfilling ones. I see myself and my partners in Corporate Coach Academy and the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches, all doing great work for our stakeholders and community. I also see myself making further positive changes in my personal life to be a better husband, father, boss, leader, coach and friend!

So how have you planned for this year to make things come true for you? Share your story with me and the other readers of my blog so that together we can support you in your move forward towards achieving your goals in the new year.