ING Boleh!

I  had the honor of been part of its coaching journey to implement a mentoring system where 13 of its Million Dollar (MDRT) Achievers came forward to lend a hand to grow other aspirants.
What pleasantly surprised and impressed me was the 120 MDRT aspirants who turned up in a 1 day mentor-meet-mentees to be ‘recruited’ as mentees where demand outstripped its supply.
ING is definitely the first in the insurance to take on this very innovative and humane initiative to grow its people in a very systematic way, and using the Coaching way too!
Syabas to Coaching & ING!


Way to Go, Wee Hen!
People say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. The truth is I do and often get it right, say, 70% of the time when I judge people by their “covers”. I guess when you are a Coach, you acquire this small gift of discerning which gives you some accuracy on reading people.
One person that I could never get it wrong is Tang Wee Hen who recently attained the global Associate Certified Coach (ACC) status from ICF! With her in the list, Wee Hen became the 3rd ICF credentialed coach that CCA has produced.
And I was not too surprised too! Right from the onset when she signed up for CCA’s coach certification program a year or so ago, I already saw a Coach in the making. She simply stood out from many.
What are the external cues that tell me that she has Coach material? One can’t escape noticing her positive outlook, her relationship skills and her vibrancy (that sends ‘vibration’ to her surroundings). Such are superb traits that most successful people have. They not only accelerate people forward but also help sustain their motivation and interest for a long long time. This probably explains why the desire to be a coach stayed on throughout her coach-learning journey. While many would have fallen off the wayside, she soldiered on, studying for it, left her cosy job as a financial adviser and took on a new one, and she remained steadfast in her goal to be an ICF Credentialed Coach.
Indeed, she is ICF Credentialed Coach all the way!   How about you?