With MACC Coaches after the 2nd AGM

The phase ‘leaving behind a legacy’ had been, until 5 years ago remained a ‘tall order’ to me. Till then I always thought that only great people could do such mammoth things, for eg, Thomas Edison with his discovery of electricity, Bill Gates with his Microsoft empire, Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew with his building of a super modern Singapore, and so on.

And me …………..? Never had thought of myself in this league at all then! It was just doing a job, earning a living.  Over the last 5 years, the patterns and circumstances in my later life started to slowly but steadily change my belief system, and perhaps even removed the last bits of my own self limiting beliefs (or SLBs in short) about ‘who I was’.

Wow! It’s such a nice feeling autographing
a copy of my 1st book

I began to realize and accept that I was actually starting to do great things without knowing it or planning for it. In His way, God has His plans for everyone and I was on His bigger scheme of things. Somehow in 2001, He guided me to the land of Coaching and perhaps told me quietly that this was the place that I could do great work, and leave behind a ‘legacy’ before I leave the planet Earth.

And, I’m happy to say that I’ve been there since then.

Such a proud moment with Kit,
our 1st CPC Graduate from Thailand

Yes, I dare say that I have been doing great things – for instance, I had a part to play in bringing Coaching to this part of the world; I’ve helped many hundreds of like-minded people to become coaches as well; set up two coaching association bodies; and the latest was the launch of the Coaching Standards Handbook on 31st Mar 2011.


Always animated when
sharing about coaching

Wow! I did all these! Never foresaw this nor thought I was able to do all these. I’m ‘unstoppable’ because the adrenalin in me is still surging forth to do even more until the day I hang up my “coaching boots” or when I meet my Creator. But for now, even though I’m one foot into the next decade, I find myself so charged up, like having a new lease of life, and enjoying every minute of it.

At the “Coaching Standards” Launch

I hope I’ve encouraged my readers to believe that we all can do great things as long as we tell ourselves so. We need not plan for it, just taking things as they come and never be discouraged with setbacks because they will go away when we firmly believe in ourselves! There’s no self-limiting beliefs that are too big to break.We can fly like eagles where the sky is our only limit. In short, we can all leave behind a legacy!

What do you want to leave behind?


Billy Leong, MD of BMC
at the launch of  the Team Charter

BMC’s strength in travel lies in their ability to design and execute highly creative travel packages for their clients, not mentioning the thousands they have to handle at any one time. 

Thus, teamwork and coordination, putting in the best brains and effort together is key to their success. And they are very successful with 90% of their clients coming back to them again and again.

Indeed, they are the big boys in incentive travel. Their boss, Billy Leong, is a very dear friend. So it was an honor to work with him and his people to formulate a Team Cohesion Charter in Chiengmai recently. The exercise involved every one of its 40 staff stating what 5 behaviors they will give to the team and 5 behaviors to expect from them.

Great work! This will guide everyone to behave in ways that conform with their Team Charter. This will definitely make them even stronger to lead the incentive travel market.

Syabas BMC!