Standard 2

Very strangely, over the last couple of weeks, there has been a sudden hive of activities involving exchanges between my former classmates about our school days, in the forms of verbal conversations, emails from everywhere enquiring or recalling about another classmate or an event, and also attachments of old school photos taken since the 50s!

These old photos taken together with them in my primary and secondary schools were really something to me. That is why I am posting these ‘personal treasures’ in my blog for the world to see. It is also my safe place for me to revisit them for I know they will be there forever without getting lost anymore!   

Standard 3

Looking at the photos brings back so many memories about the phase of my life from the 50s to the 70s which were my prime years, or rather my formative years which have greatly influenced me to be what I am today. I begin to understand my own wheel of life on how it has turned and revolved, transforming me from a little boy to a senior citizen today! It was indeed my own version of the ‘long and winding road’.   
Standard 4

One of the most impactful phases of my life was my 11 years of schooling at my alma mater, St Anthony’s School in Teluk Intan. I think many of my classmates share the same view as well. As for me, during this period, I lived a school life that was filled with extreme contrasts. Here was the time where my family and I lived in wealth and also in poverty. I was recognized as a leader when the school made me a prefect for a few years but was stripped off the position because I was caught fighting. It was a time of my life where I excelled in my studies, but also hit the low point at the end of my secondary school life when I failed the most important public examination which forced me to take a different career pathway. This coaching career of mine definitely was an outcome of this painful period of my life. 

Form 3
So  in my  life, there was happiness and pride but there was shame and rejection as well.  The most important thing is I SURVIVE!  I am really glad that I had this life rather than a smooth sailing one. For without the hard knocks, I don’t think I will be a survivalist like what I am today. With a world that is so challenging and complex, these experiences really have taught me well.
As a coach now, I have this wisdom to share with my clients. Among the most important things I share with them is: take things with lightness, whether they are failures or success. Somehow when we do that, we take off the loads from ourselves. And because of this, we stay light and positive with hope in the horizon. Doing this helps to send out positive energies from our body system that attract goodness in many forms. For sure, goodness will prevail and all misfortunes and bad luck will fade away.  

My experiences also taught me the huge importance of people in our life. We got to keep connecting, and with a positive mindset, we also attract good people. With good people around us, we will never be lonely and hopeless because there will be people who feel for us. This gives our lives more special meaning. When we can share our life with others and give back to people, it explains the difference between success and fulfillment.     
I am glad I am beginning to get more joy and meaning in my life today, thanks to the long and windy road of my life. And thanks to God for guiding me along this journey.  

I am sure you too have your teachable moments from your own life. Share with us on what they have taught you so that we can learn from you  too.