When Jeremie Averous took the floor at the recent Monthly Roundtable (gathering of coaches and coach students) of the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC) as both a professional certified coach and author,  I could feel  a great sense of achievement and fulfillment in him which I was equally proud of.

Jeremie was speaking on his book ‘The Fourth Revolution’  which he  had successfully written, published and is now on the shelves of many global bookstores such as  Amazon, Barnes & Noble and I heard it is available as an ebook readable on a Kindle!

What is the essence of this book?  It is a book that set its sight of what the world will become and how we, coaches and non coaches , will need to choose whether we want to move forward to embrace the new information age, or stay put where we are, or even backtrack to the past.   

Jeremie’s achievement in writing this insightful book is no small feat for many reasons.

Firstly, he is French but he has written a book in English! This is a testimony of someone who has stepped out of his ‘comfort zone’!

Secondly, he is an Expatriate Project Manager of an Oil & Gas organization who should be attempting subjects like Engineering, Geology or something related to his field of expertise, but instead, he has ventured out to new terrains of socio-economies and management.   This is a testimony of someone who has an expanded horizon of the world, making him well- rounded and holistic.

Thirdly, he wrote his book in the midst of a busy working life, family life as well as a student life   as he was pursuing his professional coach certification during this time. This is a testimony of someone who, with a compelling purpose, will stop at nothing whether it is time or hard work (or other excuses) to achieve.

Lastly, but the most significant of all is this: Jeremie is really living it out as a true blue coach.

These qualities I mentioned are not just hallmarks of a great person but they are the very things we as coaches do to inspire, role model and challenge our coachees to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and in the process, make this world a better place to live in.
I am glad that I shared a small part of this inspiring journey with him, having coached him on this issue of writing and publishing a book in one of the many coaching sessions of his coach certification program.  Although I must say that my contribution was little compared to what he had single handedly achieved.

Kudos to you, Jeremie, and I’m looking forward to your next book.

Who else do you know who has such shining examples of coaches who live it out?   Do share with me and my readers.


St. Mary Mackillop

Today is a very special day, for my wife, Angeline, and my son, Jeremy, are performing a sort of ‘pilgrimage’ at the site where St. Mary Mackillop was buried, known as the Mary Mackillop Place in Sydney (

People come for a variety of reasons to this sacred place with many coming specifically to pray through Mary’s intercession for healing in their lives or in the life of a loved one. Angeline and Jeremy will be praying for everyone (with me included) and especially for Jeremy.

I long to be with them at this special time but I’m up to my neck with many programs and appointments. So, the best thing I can do is to join them in prayers in my ‘personal space’ aiming to close the distance of thousands of miles that separates us.
During this 2 weeks of ‘personal space’, I will be alone – like some people will say – being a bachelor boy again! One of the thoughts that runs through my mind in a time of self reflection is : have I lost my life/work balance? Just not being able to have a family reunion of sorts and joining my family in this pilgrimage seems to say so!  
Another self revelation is the deep realization that I’m not to take anyone or anything for granted. Really, everything here on earth is temporary, and I got to really love myself as much as I love those dear ones who are an integral part of the wonderful life that I am getting and enjoying.
The third thing I learnt is that it may be good that Angeline ‘leave me’ for a while to see how I can fend for myself, and make me appreciate how she has cared for me, taking care of all my needs, including cutting my nails! I wish I have a photo of those unforgettable moments when I trust my finger nails to her expert trimming!
And, lastly but most importantly, once again I’m struck with wonder at the unseen and mysterious hands of God who works silently (and sometimes loudly for those hard of spiritual sensitivity) to prepare each one of us to be better people before we leave this temporary place called Earth and be with Him.  
Wow! It’s amazing what a 2 week’s ‘personal space’ has started to do for me and can do more for me. By the way, if I were to look at things from my wife and son’s angle, I am sure they also want some breathing space from me sometimes, right? Hope not, as they say, ‘absence makes the heart fonder’.
Do you like to share your ‘personal space’ stories with me and other readers of my blog?