Bill with his family,
taken from his Facebook page

I attended Bill’s very moving memorial service on 19 July 2011 and was  honored to deliver an eulogy as well.

Bill was a great man who gave to his family all he had earned with  his blood, sweat and tears.  He had built a strong united family made of unconditional love. It was really all for them with little for himself except for good food which he always couldn’t resist.

From the eulogies from his 3 beautiful daughters, Natallie, Tania and Amaris, I could feel their intense and pure love for him in the midst of immense pain which they have to bear for now. I pray that the pain will soon be replaced with everlasting fond memories for them to treasure all the days of their lives.

Bill’s sudden death taught me a few lessons of life!

Firstly, not only is our time here on earth temporary but it can be suddenly taken away like what happened to him when on a business trip to Paris. Our preparation for this eventual moment must be as tiptop as possible where we should do as much good as we can, like his generous heart, humble nature  and likeable personality. I knew he had all these fine qualities because he stood out among many that made me recruit him as my tour manager 24 years ago.

Secondly, the other lesson I learnt is his razor sharp focus on the family, teaching them great values to become fine and God-fearing people.

Finally, notwithstanding all these, God must always be the over-arching anchor upon which everything else must depend.

In my eulogy, I said that Bill was taken away so soon because he had already served God’s purpose on earth. So in this sense, he was ahead of all of us. He now towered over us with the powers to  watch and guide us always. Because of this, he will always be with us and we with him.

Thank you, Bill, for your precious and unforgettable lessons of life. May you rest in heavenly peace, always.

What needs your attention now? What do you want others to say about you when you were gone?