Ever since I left the corporate world in 2003 to start a coaching business,  I could feel God’s presence in all my work in this field.   One of His biggest gifts to me was helping me in founding the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC) in 2010 to be first and only government-approved national body in coaching here (and perhaps in the world).


Recently, He made this gift even better.  The Registrar of Societies approved MACC’s amended constitution which rooted MACC permanently to carry out CCA’s vision of ‘growing a vibrant coaching community’ in this part of the world.  In doing this, it recognized MACC as the legal alumnus of CCA, granting powers to a Board of Governors (BOG) to oversee its activities, and making it necessary for top positions in its EXCO to be helmed by certified coaches from this alma mater.

For a long while, I have had this fear that MACC  might suffer the fate of many organizations; big and strong in the beginning but they wither and die in later years.  I wanted to prevent this very much. And I worked very hard to ensure that MACC  growth’s is smooth. In doing this, I faced many challenges, opposition, jealousies and suspicion from some who felt that I was power hungry.   I lost some good friends along the way as well.  But I stayed resolute and convicted in this belief  as my conscience is clear.  To me, it is not about wanting power for power’s sake. This power is only to ensure the sustainability and permanency of MACC so that it continues to move forward to the realization of its vision.  And this is my only agenda!
Launching the Coaching Standards

MACC needs a guardian. The Executive Committee (or EXCO in short) in any association is not permanent;   it comes and goes after a 1-2 year term. We can never be sure of their capabilities and commitment as one EXCO changes for another over the years. We can also hope for the best. The ‘guardian’ in the form of a Board of Governors is important for they  are truly 110% committed and are permanent  ‘stayers’ with only one mission in their mind – to ensure that everything goes well today and becomes even better tomorrow.

With Rachel, Richard & Susan

I will always feel deeply obligated to people who have invested time, efforts and money in coaching and in MACC  to help themselves grow further.  And I continue to do this until my last breath for all my students, graduates and MACC members.  I want to ensure that whoever helms CCA after me will share the same philosophy, belief, commitment and drive to continue with this mission.  And so, I ask of them this : to give at least 70% commitment to MACC.  But mine is always 110% for sure. This is expected of anyone in the BOG so that we provide the vision, be the “check and balance system”, and be always ready to ‘dirty’ our hands whenever they are needed.

Now all these fears are history. The future is very bright for MACC. I can now confidently say I can leave behind a legacy:  a strong platform to grow bona fide Coaches and Coaching driven by both CCA and MACC in ‘hands and glove’ partnership, very smoothly and unabatedly as well!  

In coaching terms, I have won the ‘inner game’ of  putting up strong ‘balloons’  against the ‘buckets’ of dangers that stand in the way of MACC’s journey in growing a vibrant coaching community’.

I am sure that God will always be with MACC in its mission to pursue the Coaching cause as we coaches (as the late Michael Jackson said) ‘can make the world a better place for you and for me’.

How do you want to be part of this journey to change the world?