Aunty Liew was still a hairdresser until she caught her last breath at the age of 83! I found out about her passing when my wife called her to make an appointment for my next haircut!

What’s so special about Aunty Liew that I should write a blog about her? 
For one, it was her determination to continue with what she had been passionate about her career as a hairdresser of 63 years. In one of my haircut conversations with her, I asked her why she was still on the job.
To this she replied simply and humbly, “I don’t want to resign myself to sitting in a chair when I could still make people happy with I could do for them.”  It wasn’t the  RM6 she could earn from me and the rest. I am sure it was nothing for her. If there was something more, it was definitely the time she spent making herself purposeful and useful.

Being  a simple person with a simple  lifestyle and life philosophy, I could identify myself with her.  That explained why there was easy acceptance of one another. Right from the start, I wanted her to be my full time hairdresser. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for long before  I ‘lose’  this deal.

The other thing I admired about Aunty Liew was her attitude towards customer service. She gave more than a  “5-star” service to her clients. It was hairdressing at your doorstep:  driving her manual Proton Saga to customers’ homes and even cleaning up the “hairy mess” after each haircut !

She was definitely my role model who had few or no self limiting beliefs. While many would use an advanced age as limiting, there was none in her. Positive, exuberant, jovial , courageous, and active.
I will miss you, Aunty Liew, not because it was great savings for me, but more of  listening and learning from you. Seldom one  gets into ‘the zone’ when getting a haircut; I must confess I get into it every time.

One thing for sure I will share your greatness with my clients and students. I’m sure many will be inspired by your life. This is definitely one great way to remember you always.May you rest in peace.

See you when my time comes. Till then……


25 years ago on 18th October 1986, Angeline and I were married. 25 years later on 18th October 2011, we remembered it and celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary over a long stretch of 5 days, not only as a couple but with our 2 lovely children, Kian Joo and Kian Jin. It was certainly very complete because Kian Joo made it possible by taking the trouble to come back all the way from Melbourne!

In these 5 days, we holidayed and spent time together in my old town, Teluk Intan, and then ascended to the cool hills of Camerons Highlands for a lovely and romantic stay at its best hotel there at the Camerons Highlands Resort, culminating in a candlelight family dinner at the rustic Old Smokehouse on the night of the 18th October, for just the 4 of us.

I want to share this privacy of our family life with you all because I wish to reiterate the great importance of a family together. It is really the ultimate goal (and reward) that every one of us should aim for. Remember, it is the family for whatever that happens (in good and in not –so-good times) that we can go back to. With them, we can really share our joys and sorrows. Ultimately, it is the family that gives us the reason for meaningful living. The family is the ‘tipping point’ to life balance.

Especially for a person like me where life has becoming increasingly hectic, the family is the one that gives me the ‘sanity’, the richness and the true meaning of life. I don’t think I can perform at this level as a coach if I didn’t have them behind me.
I want to specially dedicate this blog to thank my dear wife Angeline. I owe it to her for taking up this huge responsibility of not only keeping all of us together as one , but also for living it out, reinforcing and growing the family values of love, care and responsibility for each other.

With the grace of God, I look forward to many more years of close togetherness. I now look forward to our Golden Wedding Anniversary Family Time together! I am sure Angeline, Kian Joo and Kian Jin also do!

How are you buiding your relationship together?


I’m among the millions who will miss Steve Jobs, the master architect and brain behind Apple.

I asked myself in which part do I really miss, or rather he has taught me? Is it his creativity, innovativeness, passion? Or is it his stoic attitude as he battled with pancreatic cancer since 2004? Is it his visionary attribute?

Those were definitely admirable traits of Steve, but for me, the most profound one is definitely his lesson of SIMPLICITY to me.

Every of Apple’s products has this element of Simplicity in it that gives it the power to transform life with the overarching purpose of making life more fun and entertaining for everybody – the old and young – in the world.

Even for me, I use an IMAC, an iPod, and in the family, I have my 2 children, Joo and Jin, on iPhones and iPads as well. The latest to acquire one is my wife, Angeline, who now has an iPad!

Indeed, Steve Jobs has changed the world through the principle of Simplicity.

Like his former partner said, “here is a guy that created tools that everyone in the world — billions of people — just love, and feel happy and good about.” I totally agree with him.

Now for the bigger picture of my life. If I’ve attained some measures of success, I owe it through consciously and consistently living out the SIMPLICITY value (of Steve Jobs). I’m one of his disciples who have been and is increasingly using this strategy.

I enjoy and get the maximum out of life because I always seek ways to shortcut, while enhancing the quality and results. Be it the way I dress, write, create ideas, design programs, make speeches, etc it always has an air of simplicity in it. I ride a bike too, and more often than the car because I can leave later for an appointment and yet get there faster than most motorists! These are some of my short cuts in the name of Simplicity.

People have learned to accept me for what I am. Even my clients do. I found that if you believe in what you do, and is proud of yourself, people will accept and respect you better. Steve did that too in all areas of his life. He was so simple – a multibillionaire – but he went about in a pair of faded jeans and a long sleeve T-shirt. The world accepted him for what he was. In the same breath, I am also glad that everyone does that for me too!

I can go on writing about this but I think you know what I mean. For sure Steve Jobs will always be cherished as an iconic role model of Simplicity as I continue to use it as my life strategy!

What’s your life strategy and who do you owe it to?