I get pretty excited over every Graduation, Awards & Networking Event that is being held every year.  To the coach-graduates, it is usually a proud occasion to celebrate their success of becoming true blue coaches.  To coaches, it is a time to catch up with others.  To the guests, it is their show of support for the occasion.

To me, I share all these feelings with all of them.  I need not  be in their shoes to feel what it was like. However, there is a little voice inside me telling me that in every of such occasion, there is a deep personal satisfaction of seeing the ‘fruits of my labor’ leaving behind a legacy in coaching in this part of the world.

There are so many obvious tell tale signs that this is fast taking shape.  The coach community has indeed grown many times.  The proud faces of the graduates tell me that embarking on getting certified as professional coaches has been a good choice that they have made in their lives. The happy faces of their loved ones tell me that they too endorse the decisions.  And the smiling and confident faces of the coaches also further convinced that what I had sowed 10 years ago is fast bearing fruits.

I know deep in me that there is no stopping now.  In fact it is just the beginning. The coach community is beginning to grow at a faster rate now than ever before.  There is much to do.  Retirement is out for me at least for the next 10 years.   I pray that God agrees with my timeline, before the baton is passed on to my successor.

I am excited more than ever.  My last 10 years have convinced me what it means to be purposeful in life.  With a purpose, we automatically are made to stay focused on the goal no matter how difficult it is. I am glad that I found this purpose to do good work in Coaching after floating in the wilderness for many of my adult years.

Yes, I got a job, in fact, a very good one, but it wasn’t enough to give me a purposeful life.  Sometimes we just got to get out or be made to get out of our comfort zone, to be there in the unknown for a while for deep realization to take place. This happened exactly to me. I took the bold decision to take better charge of my life.  The rest, as they say, is history.
My work in coaching is moving forward  at an even faster rate, boosted by my success and what I can still do.  With this unshakeable self belief, I know next year is going to be an even more exciting and rewarding year, in the Coaching field.

Have you found your purpose yet? What is stopping you? What must happen for you to find this?