The Lord decided to suddenly take away Michael Theseira, a close friend and relative a day before the eve of Chinese New Year.

It was like an ordinary day when he left us. He had woken up in the wee hours of the morning with some discomfort, and got his loving wife, Pauline, to attend to him. And when he was feeling better, he decided to rest for a while. It was  then just before the break of dawn that he made a most gentle transition from this earthly place to a more heavenly one.

It was very sad and a shock, like all news of sudden death. Michael’s passing was special and, to a great extent, even strange. It recalled to my mind, a song entitled ‘Abraham, Martin & John’. This is a very beautiful song dedicated to 3 great people – Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and John Kennedy. When I was young, it caught my attention and it must have remained in me except that I didn’t play it on my guitar or hum the tune anymore. At Michael’s passing, however, the song became alive again in me. It has these touching words:

Has anybody seen , my good friend …….
Can you tell me where he’s gone?
He frees a lot of people
But it seems the good they die young
I just turn around, and he’s gone.

This song suddenly became even more special. It was telling me that Michael should also join the ranks of the greats of Abraham, Martin, and John. He was special too. He was young too like them.  – only 58 years old!

Indeed his deeds will always be remembered as he touched so many people. I remember Michael for his unfailing compassion and duty to the bereaved by attending close or distant relatives’ funerals. To those who celebrated their joys on their birthdays and weddings, he would be there too. He was there to give comfort and company to those who were sick and if he couldn’t make it, his last option was at least a phone call.

In his immediate family, he was the unifying person who brought all members together. He would travel from KL to Melaka to see his aged dad every 2 weeks without fail. No wonder the unity and love he brought about was admired and envied by many including me.

He is someone I can talk about, quote or use as examples to people who want greater fulfillment in their lives. For coaches, Michael is a good role model too.

May he rest in peace. I’m sure we will meet again.
Good bye for now.


When I launched my second coaching book entitled “Dialogue with the Life Coach” at the 6th CCA-MACC Graduation, Awards & Networking Nite on 29 Oct 2011, the feeling was different from the launch of my first book,”Dialogue with the Coach”. This one was so different!  It had all the grandiose ambience unlike the launch of my first book which was a quiet and subdued affair.

First and foremost, it was launched in front of a large crowd; specifically my coaches and their families and friends.  Secondly, my family members were there too.  And thirdly, having Datuk Bridget Menezes, a renowned and highly respected Self Empowerment Guru and a precious friend, to launch it really made the whole thing so complete.

A strange and eerie feeling went through me during this launch.  It said to me, ‘Look here, you are really an author now’!  Indeed, it was a sort of confirmation of this fact.  Why?  Because  the publication of this second book confirmed it! Deep within me I would never saw or call myself  an author until I had met my own benchmark of two books.  Somewhat I needed this assurance as I had never ever dreamt nor planned that I could be one!

That’s the paradox of my life.  The occasion taught me that sometimes we have to leave our fate in God’s hands. We may not need plans to succeed, but we need faith.  Faith gives us positive energy and this attracts good things to happen into our lives.

Becoming an author is a classic example of this. While I never thought I could be one, I had always envied people who are authors. That somehow gave me a dream, but not a plan yet.

With the passage of time, however, things just fell in place one by one. I left my job, got into coaching, took up writing as a way to contribute to society, and also to promote my business.  I was glad I had and still have good friends in the media who supported me. One thing led to another. People like what I wrote. They responded to my writing. They asked for advice. Thus,  I had so many of these cases, and so I compiled them into one book, and then the second book was out, with the third book on the way, latest by next year. I love writing a lot now because it is bearing a lot of fruits.  People not only read my articles, but they actually  kept them.  Cool!

This is only one feather in my cap. The other is my regular blog “Stories That Coach”  when I embarked on being a  blogger for two years now

With all these good things happening, I now have a solid plan and I will continue until I hang up my Blackberry or other writing tools.  Life now has a bigger meaning, and it is not about me; it is also about everyone whom I can touch in their hearts, minds and spirit.

What is it that has positively happened to you, not by design but by God’s hidden hands?


A 60th birthday is usually celebrated in style because it is special  to many. Somehow, the number ‘60’ signifies a very important milestone in one’s life. To some, it is the passing mark into old age.  To another,   it is crossing the danger zone of not ‘leaving this world’ too young.  And yet to others (which I want to associate with), it is ‘Congratulations, buddy, you have made it there!’ 

So my 60th birthday celebration was really special. No, it was not like the usual traditional birthday bash with many friends, enjoying sumptuous meals and drinks, receiving presents, cutting the birthday cake and getting lots of well wishes through e-cards, text messages, phone calls, etc.

Mine was much more and longer than that. It was a most cherished 3 week journey that  kicked off with Christmas,  then the New Year, and finally right into the day itself of 11th January, finishing off at Melbourne Airport for home in KL. The most wonderful of it was spending a 24/7 with 4 special people in my life:  my wife, Angeline, my 2 sons, Joo and Jin, and my mother-in-law, Dulcie. The place was exotic too; it was in Melbourne where Joo stays and works.

 What made this profoundly special was :  it was simply doing things together as a family. Quiet and golden moments, sharing laughter  and private tales, poking fun at each other, eating and drinking,  exercising, enjoying the moody hot and cool weather in Melbourne, and very importantly, praying together as well.

I deliberately chose to celebrate it this way because I am usually the culprit who forgets to ‘smell the flowers’ along the journey. For a long time, getting the goal had often been more important than the journey. As I start on my 60th birthday journey, I want to be reminded of the adage that ‘the journey is just as important (if not more important) as the destination’.

We all need some ‘signposts’ to remind us of doing (or not doing) certain things. Mine is my 60th birthday.

This 3 week birthday journey was a kaleidoscope of activities that embodied everything about a healthy life balance in symphony with all its integrated parts.

My resolution for 2012 will be anchored on : enjoying life’s journey, staying steadfast on my goals, while finding and spending quality time with very important and special people in my life.

What will you be doing to ‘smell the flowers’ in the journey of your life?