I usually consider this as a powerful question when some people ask me, “What is your biggest challenge in Coaching?” This is so as there are so many ways of answering this question depending on which perspective I take. Usually, I consider the intrinsic challenges as more important than the extrinsic ones. To me, the challenge is something that goes deep inside my heart.  It is really about my coaches whom I have trained and certified over the years. They are like my loving children; their joy is my joy, and their disappointments if any, are equally shared by me as well.  On the bright side, I am blessed that I have been instrumental in taking them to the status of certified professional coaches. Never in my life had I ever expected this to happen.

So, what is the challenge then? It is really about having the ability to keep the ‘fire’ burning in them to get started, persevere and become successful in coaching. Beyond them is a whole world out there that needs coaches to touch and make a difference to their lives. While great work is being done by the successful ones, there are some who do not seem to be able to go beyond the classroom.
Most of my coach students come on board to embark on the coach learning journey with a lot of dreams, hopes and aspirations of what they want to be and do as coaches and how they would want to use their coaching skills in big and meaningful ways. During their time as coach-students, I could feel how blessed they felt to have taken the coaching route.
The good thing is that most of them really could convert their plans and dreams into the realities of doing good coaching work. I salute them for their courage and strength to see this happening in their lives. In fact, I am always amazed at what some of these coaches have achieved in their career, family life, etc over such short timelines!
However, the not-so-good thing is that there are some who lose or give up on what they once fervently wanted to do.  They may have started well once they finished their studies but along the way, many actually returned to their old behaviors and old lifestyle. They could make things happen for them in coaching. My heart goes out to them. They have spent time, money and efforts towards building their coaching dreams.   But they are just that – nothing but dreams.
They are my biggest challenge for I do not want them to ‘lose’ their skills, interests and dreams in coaching. Indeed, I feel sad for them. 
In this phase of my life, it is really not about my success about coaching, but theirs. Gaining my own success in coaching is not enough; it is inadequate and empty in some ways too.  To me now, success has to be shared, extended or multiplied to many others.  I want to see my coaches getting a good measure of success as well.
This is why I am committing the next phase of life to help them find sufficient coaching opportunities that can be translated into their joy, fulfillment and rewards of coaching.
My mission now is on ‘lead generation’ which is basically finding ways where I can help them find business leads in coaching. I thank God that I am blessed to have good people in my life who are in positions to help me carry out this mission of mine. I want to be able to create many platforms where my coaches are highly visible to society. Whether it is through TVs, radios, media, public forums, etc, the purpose is to make things happen for them.
It has been only a few months now since I started this mission, and I have managed to make a few things happen for them. I am boosted by these early successes to want to do more. It is clear that this part of my life now is to see to making bigger things happen for them. Indeed working on my mission of ‘lead generation’ is really bringing great joy and satisfaction to me.  It is really a calling that I am glad I realize and has taken up.
I also hope that my coaches will continue to upgrade their coaching skills while continuously working on transforming themselves to become even more positive, creditable, honest, trusting and confident people.
Before I call it a day in coaching I await this day to see my overarching vision of ‘building a vibrant coaching community’ being realized.  I am glad I have Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC)  with me. At the end of the day, isn’t it the bottom line of this vision about making things really happening for my coaches? To me, this is it!    
If you are already a certified coach, would you want join me in this mission?  I welcome you with my entire heart and soul!