Bringing Back Balance To My Imbalanced Life

I am sorry to all of you  readers who have been waiting for my blog stories which have not come in for a long while.

I wrote this blog in the plane yesterday as I was making my way home to Penang to celebrate my mum’s 87th birthday.

It may appear to be a simple event, but for me to go all the way  there was not an easy decision especially as I am presently buried in work. So to me, in such a circumstance, it is a huge sacrifice!  This gruelling schedule with back-to-back coaching programs has been around for the last few months which shows no sign of slowing down.

Making this trip for my mum is indeed my victory of my strong will over tired body and mind. It was about overcoming the strong temptation of giving her the reason, even the excuse, that I couldn’t make it. What would have made it easier was to take the advantage of an understanding mum who would even discourage me from coming if she had known what I was going through.

But no, I would not. I am so glad that I threw all these to the winds and told myself steadfastly that, ‘I will be there, no matter what!’.   I know I would live to regret it if I had not gone  back , for settling for the short term benefit of a short rest at home, instead of going for the long term purpose of being with Mum on her birthday which I had not done so for many years.

Like many of us, we are often torn between having to choose between 2 different roads where making decisions  –  one which is usually for the short term  and is easier to make, and the other for the longer term  which does not yield immediate results –  can be quite a dilemma. Like in my case, choosing  the bed at home to rest my tired body could easily have triumph over  the hassle of travelling long distance  and spending money just for an ordinary event in many people’s eyes.

However, we will know which of the 2 roads to take when we have and is guided by a compelling higher purpose that acts as our conscience to “knock sense into one’s head” whenever we are ‘lost’.

Indeed a compelling purpose is a guiding star that teaches us to do the right things at every stage of our lives.  In my case, there are 2 compelling purposes; my loving mum and a life balance that I must always try to have. Work is, after all, not everything in my life. Mum is, and many others like my wife, children, spirituality, rest & recreation are some of them that I must manage well too.

On the personal side, I was so glad to be there at home. Mum was anxiously waiting for me. We had a meaningful dinner. I promised her that I will be there at every one of her birthday from now on. This is my commitment to her and to my life balance too!

Do you have a similar story to tell? Why not share with the readers?