They say things happen for a reason.

A lonely stray dog
And  this is very true for me when  one ordinary Sunday morning 3 years ago turned extraordinary for me, my family and Vision too.

Who is Vision? She was a stray dog that had been roaming the neighborhood for a while.  I was an ‘innocent’ jogger who was out for my usual 4 kilometer jog around the same neighborhood where she was roaming.  On that fateful day  I suddenly became strangely  aware that a stray dog had been following me from a distance for a while  till I reached home.

Something drew me my  attention to this  dog because from what I knew about stray dogs is they are usually  lonely and hungry ones that are more interested to scrounge for food in  dustbins and rubbish heaps than be interested in human beings.
Vision, Mike's Dog
Me and my  dog, Vision
We love you, Vision

But not this dog.  She was attracted to me for some reason.  So upon reaching my house, she was hanging out there, showing no signs of leaving. I knew she was hungry.  Cautiously and shyly she ate the biscuits that we had for her.  Although her hunger was somewhat relieved, she was still not ready to go off.  We wanted to leave it as that as we were not animal lovers. Luckily, a good neighbor offered to keep her in his yard till someone offered to take ownership of her. I guess it was simply a mixture of conscience and  guilt  that produced such a strong ‘concoction’ that compelled us to take her into our family. 

Sit! Sit! No more biscuits!

I gave her a name that came straight into my mind.  It is ‘Vision’. Indeed, it is the most appropriate name for her.  She has the sharpness of an eagle,  the energy and speed of a cheetah and the  love of a kind human being. But, most of all, (and jokingly) she could spot ‘Michael Heah’ among the crowd of people to be the best bet to change her fortunes!  Indeed things are never the same again with this additional member in the family.

I, Vision, simply adores my human family

Today, we look and care for each other. She has a home and family in us….. and she in turn takes care of us and our home.  She is indeed our best friend…. oops, a family member truly!

What was an unexpected event that  has changed your life?