At the last London Olympics, many people were awed with the super achievements of Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Liu shiwen and many other gold medalists. For me it was OSCAR PISTORIOUS that stood out among the rest, by far!

  Pic from Google Image – Oscar in superb action

Why? Because he is the only Olympian who did not have an equal playing field like the rest. Others were born normal but not Oscar who is a double amputee without both legs. He runs only with blades that earn him the name of ‘Blade Runner’. Not only this, he took his South African 4 x 400 m relay team to the finals!

Isn’t he a world champion of a different kind who has won over the odds of his severe handicaps to prove to the mankind that ‘if there is a will, there is surely a way’? Many people with such handicaps would have lost their hope and everything about their self belief and self esteem, even would have withdrawn themselves from the mainstream of life, and probably waiting for death to end their miseries.

Pic from Google Image – Oscar aka ‘Blade Runner’

But definitely not this extraordinary man. Instead, he grew with greater resolve and determination that nothing can stand in his way of what he wants in life. With or without legs, for as long as he is alive, he wants to go where his heart wants him to.

So why are we normal living people complaining? Giving all sorts of excuses on why we can’t do this or that?

Next time think of Oscar Pistorious, and let him lift up your spirt to do the things that you always want to. We need to free ourselves more of our mental handicap rather than the physical one, which is preventing us from gaining the fullest of life. I am inspired by him. So for me, no more complaints and excuses. So what about you?