With my guitar

Whenever I listen or play Michael Jackson’s song, ‘Make This World A Better Place’, it always soothes my soul with calmness. Thoughts also come inside me to reflect on how much I’m doing my bit for mankind be it a smile I give to someone, a helping hand to someone in need, a favor for someone to make their day, anything.

It’s ‘paying back time’ for me at this stage of my life for a very good reason too and this has to do with the so many people who have helped me to be what I am today.

Really it’s about acting with gratitude and appreciation that I’m still learning to do more and with a very good reason.

You see in my life, I am blessed to have met more good people than not-so-good ones. Ever since I was a young child I had a priest, the late Father Ki, who took care of me and my family. When I was a student in UK, I had some of the kindest people like Sister Thomas and Sister Pius who practically took me as a son to them. When I was working, I was blessed with many bosses including my ex boss, Datin Irene Gan who taught me about being a good leader and trust giving which she demonstrated by giving me a blank cheque to buy my first house.



The list goes on to smaller but most meaningful events that wove through my life. Among them are vivid ones like my encounter with ordinary but ‘heart of gold’ people like Ainee during my sailing trip. She is a peasant who runs a tiny stall in one of Myanmar’s many poor islands who gave me a place to rest, eat and drink for free, refusing to accept anything from me. Recently in Brunei, a kind soul took his car to drive me out of the city when I asked him for direction to get out. A restaurant owner fed me for free out of pity that I had no Brunei dollar and because she did not want Malaysian currency.

Me & My Wife

And, now in my coaching career, so many have been my helping hands and pillars of strength who stood by me while I pursued my vision to ‘grow a vibrant coach community’. My wife Angeline is probably my greatest fan.

I believe that all of us have such blessings. And, I believe that we will get even more when we repay kindness with kindness  and not be destabilized with the ‘give it back to you’ revengeful acts to unkind people occasionally.

Instead we should be even kinder and help them to be one. Let’s live out MJ’s lyrics of ‘Let’s make this world a better place for you and me’. 


Splendid view from our Hotel

That was exactly what I did in a hideaway resort in Ko Samui, taking it as my ‘pit stop’ to really unwind myself after going through a ‘marathon’ series of coaching programs since February this year.   Allowing  myself to be ‘lazy’ and ‘irresponsible’ towards my duties/commitments  for a week was my  earned right to treat myself.

I simply love the beach
Enjoying our “familyness”
Grounded ‘merman’

In fact, it has been a long time since I knew what it meant to unwind my entire human ‘ecosystem’. Everything, literally, just wound down – muscles, bones, blood cells, brain cells, eyes, mouth muscles (from too much talking) and I felt the tightness around them being ‘freed up’ and I could really let the stresses go.

Such blissful sleep

I also learnt that to be able to enjoy quiet and lazy moments with myself and not feel guilty about it is a gift.  Indeed, it requires some effort to be nice to myself as I am a great carer of others. Caring skills is therefore not only being nice to others but also to oneself too!

Now, when was the last time you gave yourself a restful holiday?