If I didn’t have the ability to steal some moments to recharge myself from my hectic schedule, I think I would probably be in real trouble by now, or even would have dropped dead by now!

Being quite a sports fan, I learnt a few tricks from tennis and badminton players by watching how they regain their stamina in between volleys  through many techniques like slowing down their walk to get into position again, asking for a new shuttlecock unnecessarily, crying out on the linesman’s seemingly poor judgment, or making excuses to look for a towel to wipe their faces.

In my case, there are a few things I do consciously when I’m teaching or coaching. I reduce my physical efforts like -walking lesser, talking lesser, reducing gestures, sneaking away for time to be with myself, eating a quiet lunch, lazing around, and dozing off a little with a cat nap.   Miraculously, the above actions all have the wonderful effect of recharging my energy for me to go on for a few hours more!

To me, they are smart strategies of gaining calmness and spending quiet times with myself. In such moments, I get connected with my own inner world.  I get into the ‘center’ again, like a car in neutral position where it has the choice of going forward or backward, whichever way it wants. 

In such busy times, with no signs of slowing down, I need to preserve, restore and conserve  my composure to meet the demands of the day.

I am glad that I can now find this refuge for myself; where I learn to pay more attention to myself more now than ever before.  I learn to be ‘selfish’. I learn to rationalize with myself, for otherwise  how can I give love and attention to others when I don’t have enough of them for myself.  This  love and attention is really about caring for my mind, heart and body. I simply become recharged!!!!! 

So what do you do to love yourself?