We are all in the midst of unwinding down to close up for the year of 2012. No excuses to work at this time of the year, right? So if you catch yourself or caught by others for working during this time….,hmm, looks like your work/life balance may be in question. So are you totally off it? I am one of the culprits  right now even as I am writing this blog!!! In any case, I am feeling relaxed, doing this over some drinks, of course!

So what am I doing now to unwind? A few things are happening now. Firstly, I have just got out of the country with the family a few days ago to Melbourne to be with my son, Kian Joo,  with whom I spend so little time throughout this year.  

In a few days’ time we will be off to Adelaide for some more peace and quietness, while relaxing like what I am doing now over more glasses of the best wine in Barossa Valley which I heard so much about.  

I am also catching up on my sleep a lot these days, waking up past 10 o’clock which has never happened for years! I am allowing myself to be lazy and irresponsible, not doing anything. The frequent nagging from my wife these days for the messiness I am creating confirms this.  

And, to cap it all, a few days ago I spoilt myself by rewarding myself with a number of things; a new pair of jogging shoes, a new laptop and an iPhone 5 (oops, this one is my Christmas gift from Kian Joo!).  
So I am putting a good finale to the year in style. Unwinding down the fast track life I have had been doing is really deserving and needful. More so  when I catch glimpses of what 2013 is going to be like. Ok, I am not going to elaborate on this, but keep staying in the present to savor and enjoy every second of your time with myself and of course, my loving family, through this blog.  I trust you are doing the same. 

Merry Christmas and a great and happy year ahead! I’m off now. Anyone cares to join me for a drink?


I was suddenly held spell bound by the towering sight  of my 123 newly crowned certified coaches neatly standing in rows for the traditional group photograph to be taken.
This picture at the 7th Graduation Evening is a masterpiece of my work here on earth. It’s such achievement that is permanently  etched into my mind forever.
I really cannot find the right words to express what I really felt then  and feel till this very day. I can only narrate the experience, not express it. All I can say is it was it was a wonderful feeling of joy and fulfillment when I looked up above me to see myself dwarfed by the  gigantic show of my own coaches who  stood behind us. 
I remember silently saying a thanksgiving prayer to thank God for  this gift He has given  me. Indeed, it is a gift from God. I would never have done it on my own, not about getting an extra hand to do this, but strengthening my belief that I could ‘grow a vibrant coach community’ on a vision that I set 12 years ago.
On that day, my mind went back to my early years of my life to a time when I was written off as a ‘good-for-nothing kid’ by many. I remember telling myself boldly  that I would not let this stigma  become a destiny,  it was about getting a degree and a good job to prove them wrong.
Never in my thought  had I realize  that I was going to scale even  greater heights than what I was experiencing! I sat there feeling so good that I got much more than I bargained for! I was  contributing  to a larger than life purpose of building an army of  coaches to transform the world!  Yes, it is! I am showing that I can leave a  legacy in this earth.
This group photograph captured this magical moment. It is the best testimony that I can make a difference.  
It also tells me again that anyone can as well as long as we stay steadfast to a cause and just hang on there even the going is  tough. Our passion and beliefs willl be the bedrocks that anchor us to stay on course till we arrive at our destination.