Michael, make way for me! 

It is most apt to take the reverse role this time, writing about you instead of you writing about yourself, with me editing your blogs, over the last 3 years! 
I wish to honor you for winning the very exclusive and world class BrandLaureate Brand Icon Leadership Award ’13 in the Transformational Leader category as the ultimate honor for the best!


really got inspired by what you said on winning this award, “it is really more for the coaching community than it is for me!  Indeed, coaching has gone full circle!”
Having worked with you closely for the past few years, I know first-hand the hard work and sacrifices you put in as a transformational coach leader to elevate the coaches in the coaching community, which includes me.   
For sure, you have this unrelentingly determination and mission of   ‘growing a vibrant coach community’ to be recognized as professional and respectable people who hold the skills and mindset to make a positive difference to others. It is on your lips,   your writings, your coaching programs,  your coaching work and your strategic leadership in the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC, for short).  
You are a rare one who walks the talk. You literally eat, breathe, and dream coaching!  In the most innocent and casual of conversations, you personify the coach in you; listening deeply, and asking questions that drive me up to space sometimes!!!  Because of you I grew a lot, especially in the depth and width of coaching knowledge, skills and more importantly in inculcating a coaching mindset.
It looks like you just don’t work hard alone.  In your own words, you work strategically smart; looking at the bigger picture always, widening your networking, elevating your profile and building your personal brand!
Indeed, you are a true icon of corporate leadership in coaching, no less, who has broken away from the crowded field of coaches! 
Kudos, Mike.     There are many world class awards to be won, and I know you will continue to do more for the coaching community, especially in winning accolades for CCA and MACC to be recognized as exemplary coaching school and coaching association respectively not only in Malaysia but globally.
Here’s wishing you God’s abundant blessings as you continue to pursue this noble mission of transforming lives and communities – through coaching!
Rachel Sim
Blog Coach


This is the first time I am sitting here without a clear topic to write about.  Strange?  Yes, it certainly is. Usually I would have so many topics, so spoilt for choice that forces me to prioritize and shortlist for the right one, but now I have none! I am still trying to figure out why my mind is blank. It isn’t that there are no events or people to write about but I guess everything seems important (or unimportant) to be considered worthy to write on.  Even then I do not know what really is happening to my mind.
I went for a second eye operation to remove my cataract that grew overnight as a result of my first operation and that perhaps put me through a spin as I least expected that I had to do two eye operations within a month.  
So I am just putting my finger on the keyboard to feel myself more and hopefully I get to feel my inside for something that is of substance for my readers to read about.
Well, what has emerged from the blank screen in my mind right now is to ask you whether you have a time or times in your life where you are absolutely clueless, be it on what to write, what to eat, what to do and so forth?  In reality, do you actually know what happened? 

In my case it is definitely not that the last 2 months had been uneventful; in fact it had been very much filled up to the brim. Recovering, resting, thinking and working – all at the same time is a lot of things to do. I guess when there is a ‘hemorrhage’ of events rushing into your life,  it actually gets your mind blank like in my case!
I remember a time in school when the science teacher suddenly asked me in front of the class, “What is the difference between virus and germs”?  My mind went blank, and in the shock (and ignorance), I answered, ‘spelling difference’!  He was shocked and angry that led him to expel me from the class for a month!
For certain I am not doing anything writing away without a clear topic. But even with that I just realized that I have written more than half the page! Not bad, eh!   So if there is a will, there is a way.
Hurray!  Still without a clear topic at hand, I leave you now to share your experience with all of us about a time in your life when things simply went blank!