My 3 Emotional States

(Extracts taken from my speech at the CCA-MACC 8th Convocation & Awards Event on 23rd November 2013)

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My life around coaching is ruled by 3 emotional states.

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My 1st emotional state is that of happiness  which is derived from seeing how the coach community is expanding and evolving every year over the last 12 years; that was the time that I stepped in coaching. Every year has a positive difference over the other;  not only seeing more and more people entering into the coaching world, but also seeing the many more varied organizations and individuals investing in coaching as well.

Personally, I am happy that CCA has this avenue and opportunity for people here and abroad to pursue, not only their coaching dream, but also to attain the highest and the most prestigious coaching credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am also so happy that CCA produces the most number of ICF credentialed coaches in this region.
Indeed, this is the happiness for me.  

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My 2nd emotional state is that of pride. This happens when I get the good news that many of our coaches are continuing on with their journey of learning more, doing more, growing more and achieving more to be even greater coaches.

Some elevate themselves to become ICF credentialed coaches, some become mastery certified coaches, some become coach authors, some continue on to earn extra coaching stripes, some become prominent professional speakers, successful coaching entrepreneurs, some even become coaching evangelists who generously give their time to share the good news of coaching with the world.
We call all these coaches ‘coach achievers’ for they not only have achieved success, but also have achieved greater happiness and fulfillment for themselves and for the people who cross their paths.

These coach achievers have many fine traits:
a) They are passionate people  with an ever burning ‘fire’ that propel them to break new grounds;
b) They are courageous people who have the staying power to overcome any challenges ahead.
c) They are adventurous people too;  they dare to try new things, take risks to keep creating a new tomorrow for themselves (and others as well).
d) Finally, they are also  team players;  they stay in touch with the coaching community while joining new ones to expand their network. In doing so, they help grow the coaching community and also the other communities that they are part of.

However, I also have a 3rd emotional state, which is the occasional not-so-happy state of me.  It occurs when I come to know when some coaches drop out of the Coaching mainstream, who no longer embrace Coaching anymore (either in their personal or professional life), and who, (for some reasons) leave  the coach community where they once belonged, with some experiencing some big dips in their lives as well.

So this is the not-so-happy side of me which I apologize for sharing at such a time. My intention is not to dampen the mood of this wonderful afternoon, but with the larger  intent to sharpen our mindfulness so that we prevent unfortunate events from getting the better of us. Mindfulness comes with strong self observation of our daily actions which helps us to be always proactive so that we continue to move ahead a lot easier.

I like to take you back to our learning lessons where we covered this topic of installing ‘balloons’ to overcome the ‘buckets’ that stand in our life journey. (Do you still remember?)

So dear coaches, I have this powerful question for you all: What is the one balloon you want to install to grow yourself further to become great coaches?

In reality, coaches are simply better leaders and human beings. The world needs a lot of such people; with the good character of integrity, compassion and respect to model goodness to others; and the professional coaching skills to empower ourselves and others to move towards greater success and fulfillment.

So we coaches have this as our common life mission; that is to leave behind our footprints for others to follow before we check out from this planet.

On this note, I like to say again, syabas! to all you newly crowned coaches. (I am so glad that I have been part of your journey). And to all the coach achievers, keep on living out your life mission!

A big ‘thank you’ to the coach community, honored guests and family & friends who are here to lend us your support on this auspicious event.

BrandLaureate Icon Leadership Award ’13

I have my own blog site now sitting in my very own domain name.  However, my blog archive is still available at

BL Logo1BL Logo1What better way to start the new blog then to share something wonderful that goes beyond my wildest dream.  I had a most pleasant surprise when the nomination committee called me to inform me that I have received the BrandLaureate Icon Leadership Award 2013 for  “Transformational Corporate Leader”!

BL - photo 1 with 2 gals

As a coach I could not help but start asking myself some ‘coaching’ questions that came racing into my mind, such as:  “Was there a mistake somewhere? Why me? What did I exactly do to win this?” I did not have good answers for them then as I did not zealously looked for them either. I just told myself, “Go with the flow and accept it”.


I only felt the magnitude of this award on the Hollywood-styled Award Night where I suddenly realized that I was sharing the stage with the greats and the rich and famous! They were there –  the Governor of Melaka, Y Bhg Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Datuk Seri Utama Haji Mohd Khalil bin Yaacob; former Inspector of Police, Y Bhg Tun Mohammad Hanif bin Omar;  sports legend, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. M Jegathesan; world squash queen, Datuk Nicole Ann David; famous historian, Y Bhg Tan Sri Prof Khoo Kay Peng, tycoons such as  Tan Sri Danny Tan, Tan Sri Dato’ Low Keng Huat, Tan Sri Dato’ Low Keng Seng, together with some other very distinguished personalities as well. Indeed I was in the company of giants!


So reality finally set in as it became very clear now that this coveted international brand award is ‘to honor outstanding brand leadership icons for their remarkable governance and leading and managing their brands and industry’. I could easily relate this award to those present and why they deserved it. But me? It took me a while to know my ‘bearing’ so that I could see this in a positive perspective. Until then I had considered myself a ‘nobody’ when compared to them when I read about them in the news. But now I am a ‘somebody’ too! I also realized that this was not only a personal award but one for COACHING itself. It significantly marked the elevation and recognition of Coaching not only as a powerful people transformation tool but Coaches who are in this profession who can now stand tall.

During the night, my mind went back to the hard times of Coaching which is now enjoying better days. It has successfully completed its 12 years’ journey and is now elevated to be in the same league with other respectable professions like law, medicine, engineering and so forth. Indeed I too feel a personal sense of fulfillment to know that my vision to ‘grow a vibrant coach community’ is on track! It is heartwarming to know that this award is not only for coaches alone but also for all forward-looking people who can confidently count on their coaches  to support them to gain greater success and fulfillment in their lives!

On another count I am also proud that my work in Coaching is no lesser than the other worthy contributions by other greats to benefit the world. This experience has a very important learning lesson for me. It confirms that my philosophy is right all this while, that “what you ‘own’ of things is of lesser significance  as compared to what you ‘hold’ in your beliefs”.  What we ‘have’ in wealth and possessions can always be compared, even challenged and can be taken away as they are temporal in nature. However, what we ‘hold’ in our beliefs are truly ours; they cannot be compared, challenged or taken away from us. We are indeed defined by what and how we see ourselves. Now this is well proven.

I thank God for giving this towering and unshaken belief of who I am and what I do with pride and dignity. There was neither shame nor discouragement to champion the Coaching cause from ground zero 12 years ago;  slowly but surely from a ‘desert land’ into an ‘oasis’ now as it continues to attract more and more people who want to be coaches as they can identify this with their love in helping people in their life mission. It is so heartening to know that humanity and the generosity of people have now a place in Coaching where their beliefs can be converted into actions to make the world a better and happier place.

Coaches, this BrandLaureate Icon Leadership Award is for all of you!    Share with me your thoughts on this Award.