The New Year Begins ….. With a Brighter Hope!






‘When one door closes, two other doors open’… that is how I want to believe my life will move on from one year to the other from now onwards. Pretty weird for someone of my age, right? I know many people of my age will be looking at each passing year with lesser and lesser hope as we move closer and closer into our ‘twilight’ years. Frightening for many, but what’s the heck to feel this way.

I am feeling more positive about my life like never before not because I am running away from the hard realities of what life can be, but  really I do feel on top of the world!

So if you were to ask me what’s in store for me in 2014, I would say that I will embrace everything about it with greater vitality, energy and hope. And why not? I’m the author of my life who writes my own life script.

I want to think this way because I somehow feel I’ve always been a late bloomer in almost every area of my life. I was late in passing my school examination, late in getting to university, late in getting a decent job, late in marriage, late in finding my life purpose and late in finding my fulfilment. If I extrapolate this fate of mine to my future years, it seems that there are many things owing to me, so to speak!

This is what I told myself, “I don’t want to make any resolution from this year onwards.” Why should I want to limit myself to one or two things to achieve for the year? I want to spread my wings to achieve more, to do more and to receive!


To me these good things  will come true as long as I keep a good relationship with myself, the people in my life and God. I want to live my life inside out.  Retiring for sure is out of my mind; more so now especially when I’ve recently built my second cosy home in Melbourne. There’s more energy in my life even now. I have two best of different w orlds, the best of the 4 seasons, best of multi cultures  and richness in the diversity in my life.

I thank God for the life He is giving me and my family. My gratitude to everything that I have. And to the people who make it happen to me,

Happy New Year to you all and join me to welcome the new year with greater hope and vigour.
Best Regards
Michael Heah

As 2013 Closes… With An Important Reminder


I’m on Day One of my 3 weeks’ holidays sitting and enjoying our new home in Melbourne. It’s a different feeling as for once I can be switched off from work for one long stretch.

But oh! My mind funnily is suddenly telling me that I have just another 10 days before the year closes.  And the Coach in me is provoking me with this question of “What has this year been for me?”

As my mind mulled through the last 12 months I could only recall the strides I’ve made in both my family and professional life which pleased me a lot especially climaxing this year with a new family home. Wonderful, isn’t it?

“Is this all?”, my questioning mind asked me.  Then, in a flash, this one liner statement popped up: A GOOD year with a friendly reminder that I am not invincible; in fact very vulnerable indeed!

Yes, this is something I need to keep reminding myself or rather having it internalised is probably a more hard hitting word that I should carry around now with a very good reason.

This is the year that for the first time in 13 years, I had to take ’emergency leave’ and also had 2 replacement Coach-facilitators for 2 coaching workshops which I couldn’t do because of the double eye operations in August. My unblemished health record was finally broken. The ‘superman’ in me is finally over, with the spirit inside me saying, “You better watch out if you want to avoid any major disappointments in the coming future”.

It is not that I don’t take care of my health which I actually do but I need to do more, probably putting in even more efforts than I do for my professional life.

So this is my lesson learnt for the year – A friendly and important reminder.

Dear friends, what is 2013 saying to you before it closes?

Here’s wishing all dear readers Blessed Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year 2014!