Today is my birthday and I want just to say this ………………………………!

photostatute_smallGod, I thank you for another year of life that you have given me. I truly appreciate everything that I have today for without you, I am nothing and will have nothing.

From the days of a small school boy  till this very day, I always keep in mind this little but powerful saying from you, ‘that if you say you love me whom you cannot see, but not your neighbors whom you can see, then you are a liar’.

dinner 2014I always try (although I have also miserably failed many times) to live out these words that you want me to do for every of your creations on this planet through ‘giving without expecting’.   I know that when I can do more of this, I will also grow in my love for you (and in turn grow my love and pride for myself too that I have the capability of greater generosity and kindness in both my words and deeds for everyone that crosses my path one way or another).

Mike & Angeline 2014I ask for your blessings on this special day of mine for the people who have stood by me all these years- friends and my family alike, but with a little more for my dear wife Angeline, who has been by my side as my unwavering pillar of strength and inspiration for every single day of my life.

To all you, who gave more than I rightfully deserve…. , I wish to say “Thanks and  I truly appreciate you.”

I thank you God once again and I ask for your blessings for me and all of them for eternity.