The People In My MCC Journey

MCC_WebIn my last 13 years, there have been many people who stayed close in in my life who somewhat have given me the needed stamina and energy to soldier on till I got my Master Coach Certification (MCC), the highest coaching honours, from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s most respected coaching body.

I am humbled and warmed by more than 100+ congratulatory messages in my Facebook account who shared my joy.

Just to share a few of those  :

“Congrats Michael for all your contributions and achievements” – Rajiv

“Congratulations Mike!! You are such an inspirational person to all of us, and such a contributor to the development of the coaching family! – Armelle

“Wow! I share your joy and happiness. Congratulations, dear sifu-mentor. You are an inspiration to all coaches ” – Florence Lam

“Congratulations congratulations you are indeed the right person in Malaysia to receive this esteem qualification. Being one of earliest coach and coach trainer in the country. You are the pioneer in setting education in coaching in this country and hundreds of coaches qualified from corporate coach an institution set up and belonging to you. You have done it with dignity and hard work and great marketing skills. . I am one such lucky person to qualify from there. Once again congrats and all the best in life” – Arun Doshi

In every class I am with you, I learn more than I ever could expect. That is only possible coming from someone like you who is authentic and always in contribution to my growth. Thank you and congratulations! May you continue to inspire people to be the best they can be!”  – Philip Leong

“You deserved this accreditation.  You are so far the most sincere coach I been working with… Thanks for all the training and coaching you have given to me. ..A real professional who work with a heart” – Billy Leong

“Congrats Mike. I can vouch your well deserved credentials matches your substance as a most inspiring coach. All the best…” – Raymond Lee

Congrats Michael ! You truly deserve this credential due to your love and dedication to coaching ! – Ralph Tan

“We don’t call you SIFU for nothing!!! Congrats SIFU”  – Cindy Lieu

“Congratulations Michael… soooo happy that now my coach is MCC , yeah!!!!! Fantastic…….” – Tang Wee Hen

“Congratulations Michael!! So Proud that Malaysia has a new and higher statistic for MCC! Happy for you and also the coach community! “ – Julia Lim

“Being d 1st President of ICF of d Malaysian Chapter, u rightfully deserve this highest coaching credential of a MCC than anyone else in this region “ –  Chee CK

“Super congrats bro Mike! It is about time and super proud of you! Well done and make it positive difference “ – Jonathan Low

“Wow! CONGRATULATIONS Master Coach Michael! You truly deserve this highest credential! The coaching community is proud of you!!!” – Susan Ong

“Just reward for all your sweat n tears. High time too. Congrats Anson boy.” – Paul Oon

“Thank you, Michael – for putting milestones in my life and career too! “ – Cindy Koo

“Congrats bro. That must have taken a lot of hard work and stamina, but you are a man of quality so little surprise really.” – Johnson Fernandez.

And the list goes on …


I came to know that my guardian angel, Sister Thomas Chan, had
returned to heaven on the day of her 93rd birthday on 5th May 2014, when I had resolutely told myself that I must call her.

sis thomas 1It was a total miss although I was so close to talking to her for the last time. I know I will deeply regret this for not speaking to her much earlier for now I won’t be seeing nor talking to her anymore till I meet her in heaven.



The least I could do now is to devote this blog to Sister Thomas as homage to this admirable person who came into my life.

Sister Thomas was an angel alright in every sense of the word. I was so blessed to have this special privilege and honor of not only knowing her but also being taken care by her at a time of my life where I desperately needed someone kind and understanding to help me clear the dark clouds that hovered over me during my student days in London.

She was my boss (and a very good one) in the kitchen where I worked for her as a kitchen helper. But most of all, she was my  loving and caring mother who went beyond her master-servant role to look after all my needs; my shelter, my clothes, my food, my pocket money as well as my spiritual growth.

photoof sis thomas 2 smallWhy should she care for me? There were hundreds of workers and students there. There were also nuns that she had to manage.  Indeed, she already had enough on her plate.  But somehow I got her eyes.  She took care of my needs.  Life was never the same for me then.  I had a guardian angel watching over me throughout my 5-year stay in UK.

Sister Thomas has all the ingredients of a guardian angel. She was a strict boss who demanded high standards from her people but yet took care of her workers like her children, even cooking Chinese food for us that she knew we missed very much. She stood for us when injustice and cruelty were meted to us by those in authority.

She lived a saintly life throughout her life. She was a role model of sincerity and authenticity that everyone including the nuns respected and adored because she stood for truth, justice and kindness always. Those were her hallmarks that distinguished her from so many people in my life. Indeed, she is another coach of the highest standing.

Most of all, Sister Thomas was an angel who came down here to carry out God’s mission. I am so blessed that I had her blessings. Now she is back in heaven.

Thank you, Sister Thomas, from the bottom of my heart.  I know I will meet you one day again.