Inspired Over Roti Canai

Eating roti canai at Ismail’s is not the usual experience compared to when eating it at other eateries. It comes together with a solid and FOC ‘value add’ of an inspirational message that you can’t miss when entering and leaving the place. Strategically hung up, it will certainly help you as it will surely work your mind, heart and your tummy while you enjoy one of the best roti canai in town!


Kamarul, the manager, has an unusual way of managing his business there and connecting with his customers. A new inspirational message every day is part of his managerial tasks to please his customer as the other ‘food for thought’. For a person to even think of doing this tells a lot about him who walks his talk. No wonder Ismail is one of the best place to feast yourself on almost everything there although its Nasi Bryiani is among the best you can ever lay on.  His team of people, from the cooks, waiters to the cashier are definitely very united to serve their customers well.  I’m sure they too are inspired and live by the daily inspirational messages that Kamarul has for all.


No wonder this eatery is solidly around for the last few decades. Big and trendy restaurants can make their presence in Taman Tun but they can’t threaten nor weaken Ismail’s position for it is made up of more than the hard stuff of a nice structure, ambience or decor. Instead it is made of the more solid ‘soft stuff’ that money can’t buy. It’s the human spirit that drives it.


You should go try this place out for it will keep you ‘full’ and if you go frequently, you may be even fuller in both your appetite and your life!