Auditing My 2014

In a few days’ time, 2014 will be added as another chapter in the history of my life.

Putting aside another year and adding another one to my life has been a conscious exercise that I started 10 years ago. And there’s a good reason for this. Whether I like it or not, I have to accept that my life will end one day just like my mum’s life ended this year, and my dad’s eight years ago.

I call this stage of my life now as taking over the ‘pole position’ from my dad and mum if you know what I mean by this.

To prepare well for this reality for the remaining years of my life has become a more and more important feat.

So, how did 2014 go?

My scorecard says that it has been a very eventful and dramatic one; probably the most ever, as I lost one of the dearest persons in my life that I was not prepared for at all. It came so suddenly like ‘a thief who came in the night’, like Jesus said.  I wish I had been more prepared for this which would have meant spending more precious time with her, telling her how much I loved her and saying sorry for the things I did and didn’t do that offended her.

Well, it’s over now and I have to be strong not to live in regrets as life still has to go on. I now have to remember that there are still many beloved people in my life whom I have not done enough for; my wife and children top the list. I have to be very mindful and make a conscious effort to close the gap of what I should do more for them.

Together during Christmas in 2013

Together during Christmas in 2013

Career wise, I have nothing to complain but only praises to God for He has showered me with extra kindnesses and abundance in so many ways:

  1. Enhancing the superiority of my coaching skills,
  2. Increasing the profits in my coaching business;  and
  3. Opening opportunities to contribute to  society and the coaching community.

This audit makes it very clear that my life direction for 2015 will be more towards ‘closing the gaps’ in the outstanding things that I owe to my loved ones.

What does your 2014 life scorecard tell about yours, and what will your 2015 life direction be?



CCA's Convocation 2014

Jubilant coaches in a row

[An extract of my speech at our 9th Convocation of Coaches on 29 Nov 2014]

The figure 9 to the Chinese is very special for it is about longevity. So as I stand here for the 9th time in this convocation of coaches, I can’t help but to reflect back on how the professional coaching community has evolved since 2006 when CCA held Malaysia’s first-ever convocation of coaches. I remember then we had it at a poolside of a condominium in PJ.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the coaching bridge, with the coaching community becoming more and more matured over the years, with more and more coaches swelling up the coaching community.

Truly, CCA’s vision of ‘growing a vibrant coach community’ has become a bigger reality today. Once a desert land, but today a rich oasis of immense coaching opportunities.

CCA Convocation Ceremony 2014

The ceremony in action

Compared to many countries, Malaysia has a complete range of professional coaches now. We have now associate, professional and even master coaches. 9 years ago there was only CCA, the only coaching school in Malaysia; but today we have at least 8 coaching schools here. 9 years ago, non sports coaches were practically unheard of. Today, coaches are well acknowledged by both individuals and corporations as powerful change agents.

It’s very gratifying to know that CCA continues to lead in the building and growing of a vibrant coach community. To date, CCA has produced more than 600 qualified coaches over these 9 years. In the beginning, there was only 1 ICF professional certified coach (that’s me), but today there are many. We have produced the most ICF credentialed coaches for the global coaching community. More than half of the 45 ICF Associate Certified Coaches, 11 Professional Certified Coaches and 1 of the 3 Master Coaches in Malaysia are all CCA coaches.

Convocation Group Photo 2014

A historical group posing for the 9th time!

Also, 9 years ago, the biggest challenge in Coaching was trying to get it off the ground as it had to fight very hard for space and visibility against more established helping professions like training, mentoring, consulting and counseling. This challenge is now over. Today, the new challenge of coaching is of a different kind. It is about the sustainability of the coaches. It is about qualified coaches sustaining their coaching interest through the years, further improving their coaching skills and further strengthening their own coaching brand through the years, so that they become very visible in an increasingly crowded place of coaches.

Although CCA has always endeavored to be the best coaching school in the building of the best coaches in this region, our efforts alone are still not enough. On your own, coaches, you need to set your own goal agenda to be the best you can be. You need to keep firing up your passion, keep sharpening up your coaching competencies as well as to keep upgrading your coaching credentials so that you keep moving up the coaching ladder: from associate to professional and to be eventually master coaches as soon as possible.

I therefore strongly urge all of you, newly qualified coaches, to continue on with the path of continuing excellence, (just like what you have just done), so that you become stronger & stronger, relevant and more relevant in a ever challenging environment where you are able to exceed your coachees’ (or clients’) expectations, as well as to reap the many opportunities that continue to present themselves where only the best coaches can take full advantage of.

Convocation pix with family 2014

Without their support, I am nothing!


Convocation Ceremony 2014 - with family

Thanks to them!