Thank you all for the Life I am getting

Celebrating with my family

Celebrating with my family

For various reasons, my Jan 11  birthday holds a lot of meaning for me.

Although many would prefer their birthdays to be in December so that they ‘save’ 1 year and not ‘lose’ 1 year like us January babies, I could live a life of regrets if I were to think like them.

I look at it in a different and perhaps in a much bigger way.

Firstly, my birthday is timed really well as it is just a few days after the start of a new year. This is the highlight of the December-January holiday itinerary where I take my annual break and it’s a good kick off before I begin on my busy schedule again.

Secondly, it’s also a time of the year where all my family members come together. So this actually means my birthday is always celebrated with the family. It’s so very meaningful, really!

And thirdly, it’s a kind of family affirmation or resolution that we tell each other that we will stay together always.

Each birthday comes with something special. I will always remember this one with a special difference. It comes in the form of a most surprising and very powerful birthday gift to me from my ex staff of more than 15-20 years ago (who still remembers my special day) where they collectively sent their well wishes in a video clip that was ‘transported’ all the way from KL to Melbourne via Facebook. You can imagine how I felt when I woke up to start my birthday and was greeted with it. Thank you, my very dear friends, from the bottom of my heart.

Click here to view the video clip:

Now, for a little introspection …

My beautiful birthday cake

My beautiful birthday cake

When I was young I used to think how life could be so cruel to me for not having the things that my other friends had. But when I start to move on in my life’s journey I actually realized how kind life has been to me. Those tough years had taught me many things about life. And, they actually guided me to do many right things to get the life I am enjoying now. Best of all, it’s the many, very nice, kind and wonderful people who have supported me – from the family and friends – who have really blessed my life today.

celebrating with friends

Celebrating with friends

And, I told myself these things on this birthday:
a) I will give what I can to this world, for the remaining years of my life
b) I will appreciate everything no matter how big or small
c) I will never forget that God has and will play a huge part in my life – past, present and future.

Do you have special birthday moments to share?

Happy New Year, 2015!

Today’s the start of a blank page for you and me. Let’s start it off on a clean and positive slate. Like it is said, what starts well will end up well too.

mike relaxing in tasmania

Relaxing in Lucenston, Tasmania

Stay balanced in whatever you (and I also) do. Life is to be enjoyed fully but in moderation by keeping our eyes on the tilt so that it is not tilted too much to one side.

I’m sure you will know what needs more focus this year if you have audited your 2014 scorecard.

mike at tasmania

Family togetherness on New Year’s Day

So have fun while you stay centered.

On this note I wish you, your family and all loved ones, the beginning of a great life.