I got this title from a song by an old favorite singer called Tom Jones. The title aptly describes what I am presently going though.

You see, I know that it has been a while since I wrote my last blog but yet I did nothing about it. No excuses, just simply procrastination and a blank mind with nothing to fill it for the moment! It’s not that nothing has happened in my life, in fact, many things have happened and are still happening. But yet, I see nothing, I feel nothing and I have nothing in my mind!

Do you have such occasions when you feel this way? I have self reflected as to what is causing this to me; is something bothering me, a depression of sort, a crisis, or simply a just a lull before a ‘storm’ that is coming? I have nothing to explain it.

arid land
But here you are reading something of nothing which I thought is still something better than nothing. I have told myself that I won’t allow myself to be engulfed by this state of nothingness forever.

So even if there’s nothing much that you are reading, I hope you still get something rather than not reading anything.

It is a phase that will soon pass on. I promise great stuff to come. But meanwhile, accept my apologies for the nothing much you are reading this time.