Hard Core Money Addicts

money addict

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You must have heard of this maxim ‘money is the root of all evil? I learned about this when it was a popular debating topic during my school days. It <was very interesting to debate on this topic as there were so many interesting points, examples, case studies to support the argument of both opposing teams.

Strangely this maxim didn’t leave my memory since then. In fact it became more profound and real as I live through the years in my life as I encounter so many people who have different perspective of money.

There are so many stories relating to the money factor that impinges on work/life balance, jealousies, family breakups, robberies, cheating, murder, kidnapping and many many others that were attributed one way or another because of the big part money played in them.

In my life I also come across another type of story of how money plays a deadly part in the lives of people. I called these people, the ‘Money Addicts’. Their relationship with money is very subtle, weird and very private because very few people really know or understand how they live their lives with money at the center of their ecosystem. Don’t get me wrong; these people are not crooks or cheats. There is no dishonesty or malice or greed that is involved. They simply have a serious addiction to money. They want more and more just like a drug addicts who are hooked on drugs where the more drugs they can inject into their veins thebetter they will feel.

From my years in coaching, I found that these people have a very extreme insecurity issue to the stage they become paranoid about it. Money is becomes their ‘food’ for their stimulation or their shield of protection against their own imaginary dangers, whatever it may be.

Because of this, they become misers and money hoarders of unimaginable proportions. The effect of this is they like paupers in poverty, even beggars to some extent for some of them. They get their own version of ‘orgasm’ just watching their money grow and grow and have no regards to their failing health, loss of friends and a depressing life.

They live in a state of ridiculous denial for they refuse to believe nor accept the truth that they will never be able to take their money with them to the next world! Neither will they give a penny to anyone, even to their loved ones. Indeed they need help but many do not appreciate this from people who want to help them to see the world in a more beneficial manner.
Despite the many years in coaching, helping all kinds of people, I still find great difficulties helping money addicts to reform for the better. The evil of money is simply too empowering to keep them this way. They will not change for anyone or any other reason.

Sometimes I feel that only a life threatening event in their lives may just about change them to place lesser importance to their money. For them, ‘experiencing it is believing’ before they change their ways like drug addicts who need to experience the pains and sufferings of getting into jails, and heavy punishments before they decide to quit their habits.

I pray that one day these money addicts will see the light of day before disaster hits them. As a coach, I don’t give up helping these people although they are probably the most challenging of all the clients that I work with.
I will endeavor to try even though it is an uphill task helping them.

What’s your experience with money addicts?