I was at the Bersih 4 Rally because I couldn’t just sit at home watching how our fellow Malaysians were there to give their all in the fight for justice and integrity. My swollen legs for over a week and a lingering bad flu would have given me all the excuses, and rightly so, that going to the scene of action was not for me in such a condition. And if I had let that taken the better of me I would have regretted in remorse for a long time to come.


So the spirit inside me told me to get up and just go. With Angeline, my supportive wife who went along with my feeling, it simply emboldened my spirit even stronger. Indeed, it made it a whole lot easier for me and that I was ‘politically correct’ to take the decision to go.

So in hindsight now, I am elated and not regretful that I did my share for the nation that I grew up in and will die here when the time comes.

Really, it’s nothing like being there! It was having the fullness of experience. I could only read that much about it, hear that much about it or watch countless video clips about it. But it is not half the same as being there to see before your eyes, and to feel the ground and fully soaking in the live experience of people and the air of excitement that enveloped everyone there in the name of justice and integrity!

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Now that the dust has settled, I ask myself what made me take this course of action that defied logic and rationality from a medical perspective? All I can say is that I was empowered by a much higher connection of my physical self to my higher being. I call this the result of self empowerment which I understand a little more now. When it is powered by a higher need or a purpose, nothing can stand in its way, really. There’s no more pains to think or worry about, no efforts that’s too much to make it not worth the while.


Everything just went with the flow with me being mesmerized by a totally unforgettable experience.