Me and My 3 Books

mike and his 3 books

Me & My 3 Books!

Becoming an author of 3 coaching books and the 4th book on the way was never in my wildest dream. But miracle does happen because it has happened to me. I thank God, my wife and my team for making this miracle a reality!

It makes me feel so purposeful and meaningful because I can now leave behind something in this world.

My latest book, ‘Dialogue with the Executive Coach’ is a built on from the other two books. I completed my first book in 2009 and the second one in 2011 and this one this year.

The 1st book called ‘Dialogue with the Coach’ was launched at a time when coaching was still very new in Malaysia. It was general in nature as it was to introduce coaching to this part of the world.

The second, ‘Dialogue with the Life Coach’, was timely as it was on life coaching which was more familiar than any other coaching niches then!

launching of 3rd book

launch of “Dialogue With The Executive Coach” by Tan Sri Datuk Dr M Jegathesan

This third book is also very timely since coaching has now gone big time in the corporate world with more and more leaders wanting to be coached or wanting to be coaches themselves.

The fourth one, ‘Dialogue with the Sales Coach’, which I am writing now will be timely when it is launched 2 years from now as I foresee that the sales world would see the need for coaching and coaches to help them to be extraordinary achievers in a very challenging world.

I intentionally write all my coaching books in a format and design that reflects my life philosophy that success and fulfillment is greater when we apply simplicity and creativity in it. Instead of writing books in the conventional essay style, my book is a much easier read yet very comprehensive. Every book is a ‘small library’ of 100 cases, 100 possible solutions and 400 powerful coaching questions that can be used in many situations.  When you have all 3 books, you will have an expanded library of 300 cases, 300 possible ways and 1200 questions to trigger and stretch your mind and imagination!

One other unique feature is that it is incredibly affordable as it’s priced at only RM29.90, which is well within the reach of everyone. That’s why it is a ‘people’s book!

To get hold of a copy of the latest book as well as the other 2 books, you can call CCA’s office during office hours at 03-62054488.