My Birthday Prayer

Birthday cakeI thank you Lord for this day as I turn 64 which marks another year of my life that you have kindly given me.

I thank you for the health of good living, the relationship of my family and friends , the success of my career and, most of all, the happiness and blessings you have given me.

Pls,  Lord, continue to show me the way so that I will be guided always to do the right things, touch more lives and to stay grateful to you, Lord, for what you have done for me.

How will 2016 look like?

MH - Blog on 2016

Not being a prophet of doom, I see this year to be fraught with lots of challenges that we already have experienced in the 2nd half of last year.

I was in Penang for the year end break and I noticed how expensive things were here. Imagine that! Just the 3 of us having to incur almost RM100 for eating hawker food! This was shocking! My thoughts suddenly went to the lower and middle income folks and I wonder how they can survive in such times. I was actually trying to a get a ‘reprieve’ from the high cost of living in KL only to find that Penang is no escape for me. It’s no difference, perhaps more expensive in some aspects.

The general scenario has little to shout about. Business has not been good too. A friend of mine who repairs windscreen has his business hit by almost 90% downturn. My poor elder brother John who is a lawyer is suffering by the same margin. So are all the people I have met. Not forgetting me, my business has been hit too!

But as the law of life goes on, there will always be ups and downs in almost all facets of life. Health can take a turn for the worse before it becomes better. Relationship is the same. Stocks follow the same rhythm of life as well.

So we should not cry foul with the current situation; instead we should be adaptive, resilient and innovative to turn corners where we can circumvent them to reduce their adverse impact on us and our loved ones.

I can’t help but think of coaching as a tool to build the self generative abilities of people to deal with the present and future for success and fulfilment. This has prepared me very well. Not this time alone but the others in the last 30 years. I hope my readers are well armed with these abilities to take the bull by its horns so that we still can make the best of our lives while living purposefully and meaningfully.

Let’s make the best of 2016 no matter what it is.