Hats Off To A Simple Man

Enjoying a meal with Ransith

Ransith may be just an ordinary driver guide who could easily be passed off as one of the many thousands of people doing an ordinary job.

But having him as our driver guide for 4 days on our recent trip to Kandy, Colombo, tells both Angeline and I that he’s not so ordinary after all. Both of us concur that he has good  personal qualities that even many educated, reputable and wealthy people don’t seem to have.

Nice Spot

A nice shot in a nice spot

He may not have the tangible wealth of these ‘fortunate people’ but he’s indeed more fortunate than many of them for his intangible wealth is well beyond their reach.  It’s a different kind of wealth that brings him more blessings that are more priceless than financial returns which will be left behind when one leaves this earth.

An ordinary man like him is extraordinary for he towers over many people that  I deal with.

Foremost is his integrity of showing care and responsibility for the wellbeing of his passengers; their safety, comfort and enjoyment at all times.   Never was he tempted or was swayed from this focus by some quick ways that he could make a buck or two from us.

Reliability is the other for he was always there well before the appointed time made even more assuring by sending us SMS reminders at his own cost.

Politeness and good mannerisms are the other attributes he possess for they make us felt so big and good.

I asked Ransith a coaching question on our way to Kandy: “What’s your ambition?” While many may have struggled for an answer, he could reply with clarity and speed, “to have my own vehicle” which showed he knew what he wanted.   No wonder people like him are focused and are therefore mindful about doing the right than the wrong, the good than the bad and the positive than the negative.

Finally, Ransith is a God fearing man. The short and silent prayer that he recited every day before the start of a drive, the numerous devotions he paid to Buddha in certain holy spots in and around Kandy, and the humble donations he gave while driving (including one I saw where, from the car window, he gave to a friend on the street to donate on his behalf) says a lot about this man.

This short trip and the short but sweet encounter with Ransith has taught me a few more lessons about purposeful living. I wish him well and pray that he will get his car soon.