There are More Nice People in this World

I can say so because I have put this to a small test!

You see, whenever I remember when jogging, I consciously count the number of people who respond to my ‘good morning’ greeting and those who don’t.  Over the years, I can sum up a healthy ratio of 8:2 of people who usually respond or even greeting me before I do.

It pleases me to know that this world is filled with more nice people than those not so. It is therefore easy to make friends of strangers if we care to do 3 very simple things – Smile,  Make eye contact and Say “Hi” or some other niceties. Personally, I enjoy talking to strangers because it opens up for me a whole vista of new people which is so rejuvenating and refreshing to my life.
One of those moments was my recent trip to a hill resort called Puncak, Indonesia  which was  another place, or rather an opportunity to grow my friendship with people.  From Fasal, the front desk officer;  Diana, the intern;  Hendra, my driver; to Budi my next door neighour – they all helped me to make it a very enjoyable and memorable holiday out of this trip which could have been lonely and boring.

As I grow older I know the danger of loneliness when loved ones and my contemporaries start ‘leaving before me’.  While I still miss them dearly, I tell myself that life must go on, and if possible be made better and better so that I can be happier and happier. Certainly the ‘friends factor’ is one sure way. The good thing is:  there are so many of them who are like me, looking out for someone nice to connect.  It’s easy really although a little effort and a small investment of time and resources will make this more meaningful.

I want to spread the friendship cause to all of you if you are not taking this up a little more consciously.

It’s nice to be surrounded by nice, good people in your life.