Malar, A Uber Driver, Is Also A Self Coach


I am a regular Uber customer.  I always enjoyed  a Uber ride for many reasons.  Not only for the great convenience in getting a cab within minutes, not only because of good air-conditioned and comfortable vehicle but also for the well informed drivers whom I can intelligently converse with while on the road.

I have met so many interesting ones and getting into a coaching conversation with them in every ride seems like a ‘SOP’ that I don’t fail to do.  One very interesting Uber driver whom I truly respect is a lady called Malar who has been on the job for a few weeks only.

I take my hats off to her after listening to the story of her life.  First, it’s also a marvel to meet a female cab driver in a supposedly man’s world.  Not for this reason alone.   More respectfully is that she hails from Johor and came to KL city where roads and road conditions are more challenging than her birthplace, just to earn a living.

Taking charge of her life to be her own woman after she decided to walk out of her husband proves that she’s a woman of steel who wouldn’t allow a major setback to take a toll on her.  And this was not the only blow on her.  A second one that happened almost at the same time was having to quit her job after a bad fall that affected her bones and mobility.

Many people would have given up living but not her.  It’s a ‘new beginning’ in her own words.  Her ‘downsides’ are well compensated by the ‘upsides’ of calmness and a peaceful life that is free from the stresses and headaches that she had been experiencing for almost 20 years.

To me, I truly felt coached by her: a woman with these qualities – positive, courageous, determined, responsible and pragmatic – instead of the other way round! Indeed, a woman in action and who walks the talks of her beliefs and values is not someone easy to find.

I’m so glad and blessed that I’ve crossed path with her.

I wish Malar the very best in making her ‘new beginning’ a phase in her life where she will find great success and fulfilment.

Thanks, Malar, for ‘coaching’ me.