Better Life Balance

MIKE AT AIRPORTIn improving our quality of life, many of my friends especially those in their 60s are traveling more often with their other halves like never before. I too got caught onto this travel bug myself and personally guilty in making trips with my wife, Angeline. Even short trips to Putrajaya for my coaching sessions has her besides me! How loving!!

I’m glad that we are pursuing this interest more together for a very good empowering reason. You see most of us feel the same way that age is catching up on us. So what’s the best thing to do is spending more time together with your beloved ones.  Another good reason is that we have more means now than before either using our savings or getting paid more for the jobs we do.

And why not?  We have been working our guts out in our younger days, then spending on our children and aged parents with little attention paid to our own selves.  Now is the time, and with whatever we have we do not want to stinge on ourselves anymore but rather spoil ourselves within reasonable limits.

Probably the biggest obstacle for me today is time, more than money.  Admittedly even with more time now, it isn’t enough. As long as I am getting more and more each year I see this as progress.  However, I’m still committed to getting more time and one of the best way is to be more ‘choosy’ on my clients and more assertive on my terms rather than bowing to theirs as in previous times.  This frees me up a lot.  I’m seeing more of the world with my loved ones with me.  This is a special kind of emotional and mental liberation that takes off the chains that bound me tightly before. We live our values rather than pursuing them for others.

MIKE DINNERAngeline, Jeremy and me just returned from Bangkok after a very enjoyable holiday.  Got to see the last of my Heah aunties, caught up with some cousins and nephews, ate some very good Thai food and drank my wine.  So nice!  Indeed a better quality of life and a healthier life balance!