Coach Movers and Coach Forgetters

On 19th Nov 2016, CCA’s 11th Convocation, Awards and Networking ceremony was held,  where 70 out of 150 coach graduates were present, including 13 out of 16 from Jakarta, 1 from Sri Lanka, and 12 out of 50 who have become global coaches in 2016 for attaining the ICF Credentialed coaches (either as ICF-ACC or ICF-PCC).   It was a proud and unforgettable moment for the graduates and their families, friends or associates,  no doubt about it!


The Convocation showcases the fervent commitment of CCA and MACC*  to the Coaching Cause, a journey that we have embarked 16 years ago to realise our vision of ‘building/growing a vibrant coach community’.

[* Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches which is CCA’s alumnus]

And here is my main thought: the commitment and sustainability of CCA/MACC’s Coaching Cause alone is not complete. Very important is also the commitment and sustainability of all the coaches to their own Coaching Cause.

What am I talking about?  It is about deciding what kind of future you want to have as a coach.  Or (coined in my words), it is about whether you want to be a Coach Mover or a Coach Forgetter.

When you choose to be a Coach Mover, it simply means that you want to remain steadfast in your own Coaching Cause (and goal); moving beyond this current coach credential that you have attained, to becoming a better and better coach; even becoming an extraordinary coach in the years to come.

  • You become a Coach Mover through your commitment in Coaching, either as a full time, a part time, or as a casual coach;
  • You become a Coach Mover because you want to continue embracing and integrating the ICF Coaching Philosophy and Values in your daily personal and professional life;
  • You become a Coach Mover because you want to continually sharpen the 11 ICF Coach Competencies to enhance your communication, engagement and conversation with people.

So who are Coach Movers?   One classic example of Coach Movers are the many certified coaches in the Convocation ceremony: the convocation team, the 12 accomplished ICF coaches and the 2 coach speakers.  They are all Coach Movers because they have decided, years after they have gotten their coaching credentials, that they wanted to move forward and more forward as the years go by.

Now, we talk about the Coach Forgetters.  Those who choose not to be Coach Movers usually become ‘Coach Forgetters’. Instead of moving forward, they move away, forgetting the coaching knowledge they have learned, forgetting the coaching skills they have acquired, forgetting to embrace the powerful Coaching values into their lives, and even forgetting the coach community that they once belong.  It is very sad to see this happening. It is my hope always that few, or better still, if none, will take this route.

Let me ask you a frank question: Who do you want to be?  A Coach Mover or a Coach Forgetter?   Because if you choose to be Coach Movers,  will you commit to:

  • A continuous learning journey to keep enhancing your coaching knowledge and  skills that you have acquired?
  • Doing some form of coaching, either as a full time, part time or at least casually?
  • Setting your sight in attaining the next coaching credential; and
  • Always stay in touch with all of us in the coaching community?

For CCA coaches, we give them something really special – a Coach Badge which comes in different colours depending on their coach credentials.  It is a symbol of their credential, their pride, their “balloon” and their constant reminder to stay on the path as a Coach Mover, forever!

Finally, should the going ever gets tough, move yourself forward and be a self-coach to yourself, asking yourself 8 powerful coaching questions that you learned during the course of your studies. They are:

  1. What do I want to be?
  2. What benefit will I get – for myself and my loved ones?
  3. How can I make it happen?
  4. What do I want to always commit to doing?
  5. What do I need to watch out for?
  6. How can I overcome this?
  7. Who can support me?
  8. What is my one step I want to take now to stay on course?

This blog is dedicated to all Coaches from CCA who have traversed the long and sometimes challenging journey to be a certified coach of repute, excellence and, most of all, with a big heart!


My Experience with a Self-Responsibility Team


Team, teamwork, united team, empowered team and many other similar words are familiar names that you might have heard before; if not most of them, at least the majority of them.  Right?

I have one more to add! I don’t mean to add more to your basket of team names, but somehow I’m yearning to talk about it here in my blog after experiencing it about a month ago when we held the Coaching Camp for our coaches in October.

The Coaching Camp was a huge success (despite a lower turnout, no thanks to the depressed economy) because of MACC’s Exco’s  exemplary efforts. You see, taking up any post in a non-profit association like MACC (ie Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches) is voluntary; there’s no money to be made or fame to look for.  The only food for the soul is dedication to the Coaching Cause!

This I can say for all the Exco members.  Everyone has more than a full time job, and yet is willing to work for the coaching community!  They have to squeeze tasks assigned to them in their jam-packed schedule, often working late into the night!  Although the lines of responsibilities were drawn for everyone, no one from the President, Abdul Rahman; Secretary Jessica; Assistant Secretary Mun Yi; Camp Director, Chee Lian; and  all the others, drew a line of ‘what is mine, not mine, and yours’. This made things worked really well.  Everyone covered for someone in a tremendous demonstration of co-operation, unity and camaraderie.

And that is the secret of self-responsibility teams – it is really self-directedness. It means everyone not only look after their own areas of work but they also look at the bigger scheme of things.  When someone in the team notices something needs attending to, they instantly jump in to help out even not it is not their area of responsibility.  They don’t feel that it is not their business.  In such a spirit, no one calculates, or takes advantage, nor feel slighted because someone is ‘interfering’ in their area.  Everyone is a leader in their own right.  What drives self-responsibility team is simply goodwill, respect and appreciation that keeps everyone together for a common cause.

In the case of MACC, it was to ensure that the Coaching Camp was a success (and sure enough it was)!

As the Chairman of MACC, I wish to thank all the Exco members with my whole heart for displaying the ‘coach material’ of what good coaches are made up of.