Of ‘Chap Fun’ and ‘Economy Rice’

There’s really a lot of good in a ‘Chap Fun’ dish or commonly called ‘Economy Rice’.  I notice that more and more food outlets are offering this dish to cater to the increasing number of busy people or rather to the increasing number of budget conscious eaters in these challenging times.    

I owe a lot to this dish for it had helped me to survive in my early working years.  I really like it to this day for there is good value for money with its plentiful dishes to choose from including some really delicious ones at reasonable prices!  

While I’m very positive about this dish as a culinary choice, I detest it when people and organisations make the ‘Chap Fun’ way of eating as their way of life.  It is evident in so many ways: clustered workplaces, quick fix solutions, short-cutting processes, thoughtless way of making decisions, and low quality output, to name a few examples. The results is dismal: poor outputs, careless mistakes, and even poor attitude towards work or life.  

Here lies the paradox – while I am fond of ‘Chap Fun’ as a dish, I will try not to apply it in my personal and professional life lest it causes me to subscribe to a low quality life of carelessness, irresponsibility and crudeness.    

My value system propels me to believe that a certain measure of quality is needed from us, human beings, to make a statement or send a message about who we are. Not only will it help us to gain respect from others and increase our personal influence, but it is also a form of good personal self-care that we should bestow on ourselves for a holistic life and well-being.    

Like the saying goes, ‘a clustered desk often reflects a clustered mind’ as well.  

So, when I work with people, I will be watchful of those who try to apply the ‘Chap Fun’ method in their dealings with me.  I really have a low tolerance for such people.  

But when ‘Chap Fun’ comes in a ‘gastronomical’ context, I have an addictive urge to go for it. My body language will reveal how I yearn for it!    

So, this is one of my life’s greatest paradoxes.  


A Room At the Bottom of the Stairs

If you have been a fan of Eddie Rabbit and his famous song called ‘A room at the top of the stairs’, you will strike a chord with this blog title, as is the direct opposite of the title of this famous song some 20 years ago.

However, even if you are not a fan of Eddie Rabbit, you would agree with me that the room at the top is better than the one below, isn’t it? The one above connotes enjoying the space and fresh air while the one below is constrained by space and free flow of fresh air, including the sense of being “neglected”.

I know of at least 2 married couples whose other half have been relegated to this lower status of a room beneath the stairs so to speak; yet to the public eye, they are perceived to be happily living together! Indeed, they are seen going out for dinners, even holidaying together.

I can’t fathom the making of this matrimonial decision where one is given the privilege of sleeping in the master room while the other is banished to live like a maid in the maid’s room!  Is this about cruelty, selfishness, disrespect or what?  Whatever is the reason, this utter disregard for human dignity and human rights to a spouse is very difficult for me to understand, much less to forgive.

It really saddens me to come to know of such despicable cases. Frankly, for me to stay positive always is tough no matter how upbeat I am about life and people.  Jolts like this one remind me of the stark reality that our world still has people who are out of their mind, or are simply heartless. Coming to terms with it and putting up a front that I know about it is difficult especially when I know these couples well.  It is very tough indeed.

Being a married person myself, I fully sympathise with the sadness, misery and shame of the person who has to go through life ‘living at the bottom of the stairs’.   Can you imagine when one party breaks the most fundamental matrimonial vow of living together in harmony and equality? Where’s the little love left, where’s the trying our best to stay together for better or for worse?

Such ill-treatment breaks all decent rules of living. To me, it is equal to maiming someone badly and left to die but am still unable to die. So they just hang on, till when, only God knows.

I offer no advice in this blog for this weird phenomenon as I am totally blown off my mind to stay sound on suggesting what’s next.  However, my intention is to bring to light that such hard truth can happen.  So stay mindful and feel for the other party.  I appeal to my readers to never ever think of doing this to another person.  Spread the word around too.  You must always remember that we all have a sacred duty and a conscience to have a heart.  If we can’t do this, then the least we can do is to bear with one another out of pure compassion and respect.

Life is too short for anyone to leash out such cruelty to another human being, worse still if this person is the other half whom they have committed to each other.

Always remember ‘what goes around, comes around’.