A Man Of All Seasons 

You won’t miss Richard Hoy in a crowd. This tall, handsome, macho, sociable, confident, healthy looking, white bearded gentleman catches most eyes.  I guess it’s his built, personality, charms and mannerisms that attract attention to him. 

The uniqueness of this gentleman is his all roundedness where his external front matches his inner self well.  Here’s a man with some of the finest qualities.  Probably the one that stands out best is his life philosophy of ‘putting more life into his years’, instead of ‘more years into his life’. 

Because of this I had the great honor of having him as my coach student in order to become a Professional Certified Coach some 8 years ago at the age of 70!

Where many would have already packed up their bags, Richard lives every minute of his life with grace.  He has many other pursuits; learning is one, holidaying is the other, having a good time partying yet another and not forgetting the fact that he is running an insurance agency as well.  All these make him so complete.

Today at 78, Richard is still rearing to go.  Indeed, he’s unstoppable.  If anyone of us wants to look for a role model, you can find one right within our immediate circle!

We hear so many stories about success but few about fulfilment.  Richard certainly has both.

That’s why I regard him as a ‘man of all seasons’.