Wedding Speech: Speaking From Our Hearts

 A very good evening to all.

In my profession, I make a lot of speeches to all kinds of audiences, but never yet to an audience of this demographics.  In our social lives together, we have heard many, many wedding speeches, but have never made one ourselves.  And in our very small family unit, I have not done one yet, till today.

So under such circumstances, this is my maiden wedding speech today.  (Honestly, I had to be coached by my dear wife on what to say, how to say and how long it should be).

So let me begin by saying to our loving son, Hil, and our first daughter in law, Dan, that we are overjoyed with their new marital status as lifetime husband and wife.

Your wedding ceremony today was most touching and romantic, like the love story of Romeo and Juliet, tho’ not in Verona, Italy but in this beautiful Yarra Valley in Melbourne.

It shows your good taste, creativity and resourcefulness in making this a most memorable occasion for us.  It was exceptionally well organized and artfully choreographed, fitting of a bestselling love movie.  How I wish I can watch this once again on Netflix.

Now, to this very close group of guests, I won’t want to bore you with stuff that you already know about both of them; simply because you wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t known them, not just well, but very well.

Everyone here, family members included, were subjected to a very strict selection criterion: “How really close are you to both of them”?   It really showed how much they want to have the closest people in their lives on their wedding day.

So based on this: few were chosen, many were axed.   Among the axed ones are all uncles and aunties, cousins, nephews and parents’ good friends from both the divide.

You will know what I mean if you care to look around you.  You will see only a small handful of grey hair people here.  But if you can’t notice this, it’s because most of us had our hair dyed or set for this occasion.   But you can still see them by their winkles which can’t be taken away.

Notwithstanding this, It is certainly a very refreshing, vibrant and rejuvenating time for us, to be in the company of the young generation here who are 1/2,  or more than 1/2 our age.

This is indeed is a New Age Wedding. The rules are different. Parents are required to play by their rules.  In return, we need not give nor do anything  (except giving this speech).  A good trade off indeed!

In hierarchical terms, there are only 2 bosses here today, namely, Hil and Dan. They are the only C suite guys.  No others.  Everyone else is equal, a kind of autocratic Communist system like in the words of George Orwell in his book ‘Animal Farm’ where he says that in this farm ‘all are equal, except some are more equal than others’.

This New Age wedding is fundamentally different from traditional ones as they are usually more populated by guests from their parents’ side.  (Frankly speaking in many of such weddings, we aren’t sure whether the parents are remarrying, or their children are marrying!).  This is the state of affairs because parents are the ones who foot the bulk of the bills.  So, they (instead of their marrying children) are the bosses mostly.

But for this one, it’s the reverse.  The wedded couple’s guests totally nudge out their parents’ guests!  Why, because they foot all the bills. So they are the bosses, we are the guests, (or subordinates) who obediently follow their instructions.  We just have to say, ‘Aye boss, anything you say!

(Now with jokes aside), we truly admire them for being completely 100% hands on in managing this very important and major project.  This 2-person team make up the frontline and back office people.

They handle everything: from wedding concept, the planning, the financing, the fine execution from guests’ selection, logistics, accommodation, ceremony, getting the kind service of Fr Michael, the priest, the mass service, meals, entertainment, including the walking down the aisle, writing their marriage vows, exchanging of rings to finally becoming husband and wife.   Truly, this says a lot about their attributes and capabilities.

Hats off to them!

There’s a saying that when choosing your lifetime partner, it’s advisable to look at the other partner’s mother for an answer.  (I don’t know why not the father!).

Dan, your love for Hil for what he is, is because of one very important person in his life, Angeline – his mum or your mum-in-law now.  She has given you a complete package.  A complete replica of her in him. 

You have to always be grateful for this, forever.

Her outlook, her values, her discipline, her generous love, overflowing kindness, tender care, great humility, no nonsense ways, high sense of responsibility, a pile of secret food recipes, impeccable tidiness and cleanliness, strong faith in God, are some of the precious pieces of gold in the treasure trove she’s passing over to you.

And it’s for you both thereon, to pass them to your children and the future generation to come.

As you know, Angeline’s words are few. She’s good only in the doing.  So I’m saying all this for her on this occasion as there’s no better place, no better moment than this moment.  Angeline, my dearest wife, mum and mum-in-law deserves this tribute on this very, very special occasion.

Frankly, Hil is not the only beneficiary of her love.  Jeremy too.  And me is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of them all for we have been together, officially for 31 years, (and unofficially for 41 years).

My oversized figure says a lot about the feeding and babysitting I have been getting from her all these years.  Thank you, my dear sweetheart!

It’s time for me to end here, wishing Hil and Dan the very best in their lives together.

While this marriage is going to be a very beautiful journey, be mindful of the long and winding road ahead as well.  But certainly nothing can shake your marriage an inch as long as both of you are strengthened by true love for each other, grounded on good life values, display of gratitude for your parents (and the good people in your life), and most of all, having strong faith in God.

Thank you for listening to my maiden wedding speech.   And to all here (and not here), May God bless all of you.

Let’s enjoy the lovely time together!