Let me ask you 3 questions:

  • When was a time when someone said to you that they were so blessed to have met you?
  • When was a time when someone told you how appreciated they were for something you did for them?
  • And when was time someone came to you for an advice that changed their life?

Please take a few seconds to think of these…………….

  • Can you recall any of these moments?
  • Why do you think they respond in this way to you?
  • How did all these make you feel?

I’m sure you have had these moments. You see, many of us have been and are still an inspiration to some people in our lives.

So to be an inspiration to people is really not just a tall order, not impossible, not meant only for the giants of mankind like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa or even Tun Dr Mahathir.  Indeed, we don’t need to make national headlines to be an inspiration to others. Many times, the most inspiring people in the world go unnoticed.

You see, they don’t do it for others to see, but really it’s for God to see.

I’m sure that you too have done many good things for people but they are unnoticed. So really who cares, for it’s for God to see.

There are 4 common qualities that I find in most people who inspire others:

  • Selflessness (not selfishness),
  • Generosity (not stinginess),
  • Courage (not cowardice),
  • Guided by a purposeful sense of service (not disservice).

So anyone with these 4 qualities are an inspiration to people.  A teacher who teaches well is an inspiration to his students.  A waiter who serves well is an inspiration to his customers.  A manager who grows his people well is an inspiration to his people.  And the list goes on.

There are very precious benefits that come to people who inspire others.

They fondly remembered us at the end of our lives. They get blessings, even luck when they give. Finally, there is happiness & fulfilment that comes with it too.

In my work with leaders, we often explore ways how they can make a difference and be more inspirational to their people. These 5 ways keep coming back as the ones that will make them more inspirational:

  • Stand for something
  • Act with passion
  • Show care and kindness
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Listen more, talk less, and be a coach

Life is indeed too short for us to waste our time doing ordinary things. The Dalai Lama once said, we have no control of the past and the future; the only one we have control of is the Present.

So there’s no point sulking over our mistakes too much. There’s no point getting angry with someone because nothing is going to change.  And no point too getting stressed about something that hasn’t happen. Nothing is going to change.

So let’s use our time in the present moment to make the ordinary things we do, extraordinary. Let us lead a Life with a Purpose. It will make us special. It gives us the passion to do things with excellence.

At the end of life, we want to leave behind fond sweet memories of ourselves to others.  We want to leave our legacy. Our foot prints too.