An excerpt of my book launch speech at the 13th Coach Convocation, Awards & Networking (CAN) event held recently….

I stand here today feeling very fulfilled and proud that I have gone full circle to become a full-fledged coach-author with the launch of my fourth and latest coaching book Dialogue with the Sales Coach.

Technically, I have completed my writing life mission in contributing to all the 4 coaching niches of: organizational coaching, life coaching, leadership coaching and business/sales coaching, written in 4 distinctly different coaching books in my name – Dialogue with the Coach, Dialogue with the Life Coach, Dialogue with the Executive Coach; and today, Dialogue with the Sales Coach.

What makes it even more fulfilling for me  is being able to launch this book in front of my own coaching community (that I have built in my 18 years in coaching) and on this grand occasion of the 13th Coach Convocation, Awards & Networking event, which I always regard as the highest point in Coaching and in my own coaching career.

Dialogue with the Sales Coach is a coaching book written and dedicated to everyone: sales and non- sales people as everyone is in sales and we need to be good at it as well – be it selling a product, service, idea, proposal, or even selling ourselves to others.

However, there is a special group of people that I have also written this book for – they are the Coaches who are exceptionally dear to me, and whom I have always want every one of them to be successful in their lives, and in their coaching careers.  I want them to be ‘Coach Movers’ always – a term that I coined 3 years ago.

Typically, Dialogue with the Sales Coach is a coaching cookbook – everything about how to be successful in selling together with all the recipes for sales success. They are all well-captured here; from how to set a strong sales foundation, to how to get customers, how to close the sales and how to take your business successfully to the next level.

Written in the same style like my other 3 books, this one also has 100 sales cases, 100 successful methods and 400 powerful questions to stretch your imagination for even better ideas and ways.

It is very simple, short and very easy to read. This book can be used in many ways: as a reading book, a story book, a reference book and even as a coaching workbook.

I started this journey of writing in 2009 and now it is 2018, averagely, writing a book every 2 years and I am glad that I have been able to keep to this pace with focus, discipline and also with the support of 3 very important people to me: my 2 ‘Angelines’: my wife Angeline (who is in Melbourne and unfortunately is unable to be here, and my 2 children),  and the other Angelin Loo, and  Josephine Ong, my 2 sidekicks who have been with me all these years, as well as in my writing journey.

Before I end, with honor and appreciation, I like to give this latest book of mine to my very dear friend, Tan Sri Datuk Dr M Jegathesan. He too has been with me through most of my coaching career and journey.

Thank you again for being here at this 13th Coach Convocation, Awards & Networking event and at this launch of my latest book, Dialogue with the Sales Coach.


Seldom  we see these 4 words being stringed together as one.

But they are in this story that holds a very special meaning for us, parents and even much more so to the hero and heroine – our son, Kian Joo and his wife, Danielle. 

Here’s their heroic story……

Most newly-weds would usually prefer a romantic and stylish holiday as their kind of honeymoon.  But for these 2 newly-weds, theirs is not. Their idea of a honeymoon is one few would not want, even think of.  It’s one that is built around grit, purpose, love and faith. It has all the trappings of toughness, discomfort, adventure, with no place for beaches, fine dining and moonlight romance.

Their long-term planning was a pledge that they made together to do the rarest form of honeymoon which was to walk the 800 km route taken by Saint James from northern France to Western Spain to a sacred place called Santiago de Camilo where his tomb lays.

It was a torturous honeymoon journey that took them 44 days to walk.  Unless we are made of the tough materials that they have, there’s a high possibility that we would break under the heavy strains of a long journey that seemed to have no end, the scourges of burning  heat, excruciating pains oozing out from feet blisters over blisters, without proper nourishment and living conditions to comfort them.

The power of the mind over matter can’t be better illustrated here than in their epic story which will be forever etched in their minds.  Even as parents, theirs have a thing or two to teach us about life that when we have high purpose and faith in God, we will find the grit to make the impossible, possible.

When they wept openly with joy upon stepping on the soil of this sacred place, we  too wept inside us for we could feel the euphoria that was inside them.

Somehow, their story reminds us of a saying: ‘Challenges are what make life challenging and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful’.

We are truly proud of them and thank them for this invaluable lesson they taught us and everyone about living life to the fullest.