Coaching Engagement


Q: Why do organisations hire coaches to coach their executives?

A: There are many reasons. Most importantly, leaders need to have new skills in order to have an impact on results and people in an ever-changing environment. These skills need to be learned and applied on a real-time basis.  Through coaching, results can be hastened, with no delay in their application and implementation.


  • How effective are your leaders in meeting the challenges of your organisation?
  • What are their issues?
  • How long have they struggled to overcome them?
  • What methods have you tried using?


Q: We are planning to engage an executive coach. What are the criteria to look out for in getting a good one?

A: The executive coach has to be familiar with the coaching issue(s) you want to resolve. Someone who has been a corporate executive before or has been exposed to executive and organisational work would really be helpful.

In addition, the coach’s value system must be aligned to your organisation, which is demonstrated by their approach and personal philosophy. For instance, if your organisation values internal competition over team harmony, then it would not be well-served by a coach who does not believe in it.

Check out their track record by asking for references to ensure their conduct is in line with the ethical code of professional coaching.

It is equally important that the coach comes from a certified coaching body where they have undergone a formal coaching programme over a reasonable period of time.

Lastly, there must be “human chemistry” between the coach and the person to be coached; without this, there will be no trust to move the relationship forward.


•   What is their area of expertise?
•   Who have they coached before?
•   Does it fit with what you want the coach to work on?
•   What do they say about their beliefs, values and perspectives in helping you resolve the issue?

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