With Jun at one of the coach learning workshop

Suddenly everything in my life just stopped for a moment  upon hearing  the shocking news that my dear friend and fellow coach from our Coach Academy  had passed away on 29th Dec 2011. 

The coach community really lost one of its bastions of someone who really epitomize what a coach is and should be.

I am putting aside my traditional message at the end of the year to write a blog on Jun  who deserves this attention  more than anything else.  She is someone I will always admire, respect and adore as a person of immaculate character.    

Although highly intelligent and very successful in her chosen consultancy work, she remained humble, positive, caring and a keen learner who was always in search of knowledge to be better and better as a coach and person.

Becoming a coach was something very compelling in her. I knew that all along but never knew it was so much more until I heard that even in extreme pain she went through the final examination so that she got through the last hurdle to be a certified coach.  She didn’t want any pity and she wanted a level playing field even though she was “handicapped”.

Although she took about 2 years to complete her coach certification, many would have given up a long time ago if they were in her condition – fighting cancer, studying and taking on more than a full time job in Indonesia.  Her strength and determination were really extraordinary. If this was all about mental strength, then she was really a champion who deserved a gold medal.

My biggest regret was that she couldn’t make it for the graduation in October this year. If she had, that would have been her biggest reward.

The coach community will always remember her for her contribution to the e-coach community called Coach Loop that she helped to set up. This is her legacy to us.

Farewell, Dr Jun.. You have fought a good fight.
Rest in peace.

We know that God will reward her. She died fighting strong. Today, on 31st December 2011, is her funeral, where we bade her goodbye. She ended an era, and begin an eternal one in heaven.

Good bye, Jun. Till  we meet again, may  you  be in eternal rest in the arms of God always.

What memories or pictures do you have of Dr Jun that you would like to share with blog readers? You can post a comment to this blog or send them to contact@malaysiancoaches.com 


  1. This post made me teary-eyed and again make me ponder what life is truly all about. It really doesn’t matter how many years we live. What truly matters is what we do with the years when we live. May you rest in peace Dr. Jun. Your legacy will remain a constant reminder as we strive to be a better being and coach always.

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