Rank & File Women Power

I can’t help but to highlight 3 admirable women whom I encountered; 2 of them as their customers, and 1 of them as my admirer  in my daily life. They drew a parallel as women who make the best of their lives in doing what they truly believe in.

Ah Pang

Ah Pang is just an ordinary waitress in an ordinary restaurant in KL town. Anyone would have passed her off as just another of the thousands of waiters and waitresses. However, she caught my eyes. Her swift action, alertness and energy got me to observe her. She’s 60 but her demeanour belies her ripened age. Those who are half of her age couldn’t move around like she does.  Another ‘strange’ thing I noticed about her is her occasional practice of kung fu in one corner when the crowd is light. She doesn’t wile away her time but uses this free time to keep fit and healthy even for a few seconds.

The lesson I learn from her is no matter who you are; even a low paying waitress is no deterrent to living purposefully.

Maniwati is the owner of a very unlikely business – kacang putih! She has the most thriving kacang putih business out of the other 5 in Kampung Kacang Putih in Ipoh.  She sells some of the best kacang putih around. You will surely meet her when you get into her shop. She is part of the welcoming entrance – a nice, warmth and friendly face who is very generous at heart as well. (You can help yourself to the free samples eManiven though you may not show any sign of buying).  The environment in the store truly reflects her personality.  No wonder, after 4 generations of selling this stuff, they are still around, and stronger and bigger than they were before.

The lesson I learned from her is it always pay to be friendly and humble; wearing a smile always should be part of my wardrobe.

ho ching

Ho Ching, wife of Lee Hsien Long, the Prime Minister of Singapore, could easily be mistakenly taken as an ordinary housewife although she is one of the most powerful women in Singapore. Despite her power, intelligence and position, she is supremely ordinary and humble. I can’t helped but snapped a shot of her in the newspaper the other day when she was attending a very high level function with world leaders. She truly believed in herself so much that she was simply extraordinary by being very ordinary – dressed in an attire that reminded me of my mum in her younger days holding a simple purse that one could get at any night market.

The lesson I learnt from her is ‘who cares’; you live for yourself and no one else as long as you don’t cheat, insult or do harm to anyone.

Look around you, and spot someone you can admire and learn from. It’s better than any university can teach you!

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